Author: Volker Ballueder

Living in a new world – Days at home (15)

What a day – it is getting quieter.

I believe Easter paired with the lock-down results in quieter days.
The boys are off for Easter, and there is no co-working space atm. They are relaxing, as kids should do on their holidays.

With the events unfolding and the PM being in hospital, I spoke to a few people today who think this is terrible. It seems to hammer down the message how serious the situation is. We all hope, like his politics or not, that our PM will recover. Sending good wishes.

The weather is cracking. We went for our daily walk. We did some smaller errands and I had a day preparing some of Ballueder Partners work. There are a few days left still on my contract, but the majority will be done after Easter, when things will hopefully pick up again.

Stay safe. Please.

Living in a new world – Days at home (14)

Officially we are on Easter break. That means juggling work and …. childcare.
Jen is working more in the hospital. She has a job that is in demand: nurses. I am proud of the work she is doing.

She is also raising money for the NHS – she is cutting her hair. She is a very brave woman!

Support my wife to support the NHS.

I am very proud of her doing the job she is doing, particularly at this period in our history. The least I can do, particularly with no work, is entertain the kids. This weekend we went on a nice walk, even got a bit of sun. Social distancing, and BBQ planned for next weekend. Life isn’t too bad, just a bit limited, but that’s ok if we can save some lives.

There weren’t many other news today. I am ploughing away with things, the boys are good and entertained.

How are you doing?

Below some pictures from yesterday.

Living in a new world – Days at home (11)

Ok. Friday.

The 2 pm zoom call for year 4 was great again. Less excitement this time but that’s ok too. Homework seems to be few and far between, holidays next week. Maybe we reduce the amount of updates, all depends what we are up to.

I only have a few days in my contract left. On the positive side of things that means more time for the family. And yesterday we went for an amazing walk. It also means I can work on my own projects, filming my online course etc. There is so much I want to do and get done. I am always busy. But yes, the walks with the family, the time with the boys, is great. And maybe this is a huge opportunity.

I see positive things. And things will always work out.

Of course, if you are looking for a contractor or a mindfulness trainer or a coach, let me know:

If you don’t, please enjoy the photos from last night’s walk. It’s quiet out there. It’s nice out there.

Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Living in a new world – Days at home (10)

Day 10. Wow, time flies. We are good.
Another shopping trip last night got us some supplies, but also for our neighbours. We try to help where we can.
Today was a slow day. The sun had gone, things are slowing down it seems. That is true for work but also for school.

Whilst I still kept busy as usual, I don’t think I ever gonna be bored, the boys seem to think it’s Easter Holidays already. Fair play to them, and I guess we don’t want to be too harsh, do we?
Next week my wife is going back to do some extra shifts that are needed. Being a key worker and on the front line, it is good that she can do that whilst I watch the kids. I got a lovely text from a friend today acknowledging her and other front line staffs’ work.

I also got another podcast live. That was recorded just the other week, trying to get an understanding of the supply chain during the Corona pandemic.

With the wife being at home today, and her helping with the kids, I got a lot done.

There hasn’t been an update on the kids today really. Maybe that I found out, a bit late, that they were tricked into sitting their SAT exams after all. But that was yesterday, 1st of April.

We are keeping well, we are keeping sane.

I shall continue with these updates next week as I know how many of you enjoy following them. More pictures, more updates. Sharing the love.

Stay safe, wherever you are.

Living in a new world – Days at home (9)

Today I launched a new client for mindfulness via Zoom. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive already and I am very pleased to help. These are difficult times, and a bit of meditation will help anyone IMO.

Also, a good friend pointed out that I don’t consistently write as Volker but a bit like Colin and Rohan. The original idea of these posts was for the boys to share their experience, but it got a bit mingled up. As another friend of mine pointed out, it’s great to have family time. So today I enjoyed a long walk over lunch with the boys. The country side where we live is just stunning and no Corona in sight. That’s I suppose the biggest problem, you cannot see the damn thing. Hence stay safe and be well, look after your loved ones and limit any socialising. Colin asked me on the walk, why we don’t all get it and go back to school. When I explained about the amount of people that would die because of us not caring, as we are likely to have a mild form, he got it. Seeing that the US might loose more people than they did in the Vietnam War is scary.

Enough said. Stay home. Stay safe.

So below are some impressions from our walk, and when I asked the boys what I should write they said…”Colin got bird poo on him” – there we go, highlight of the day. Good luck it is, they say. So be it. Fingers crossed.

Living in a new world – Days at home (8)

A busy day for daddy but positive progress. That’s always nice.

It might just be my impression, but the boys have little work todo. Or they don’t do it properly and I need to get engaged more. But to do that, I need more time. Again, luckily, the wife was around to sort them today but tomorrow it’s my turn again. And she did a fantastic job with the arty craft work, as of above. Something I am not so good with.

I am better with science, so doing the rain experiment, and condensation / water flow, was more my thing 🙂 Actually we are having fun.

Also, I managed a few more calls and check ins and it was good to see people rather than just talking to them. Everyone switching to video calls. Then I ordered some tea as I need to change my habits of drinks. Alcohol cannot be a goto, no matter how easy it would be, but also too much coffee isn’t great. So today I got my Turkish tea, yesterday my coffee, and next week I should get some hobby items for the beetle.

As you can see/read, we keep ourselves busy. Life is actually pretty good. And as someone said on Facebook, when we get back to normal, we need to define what normal looks like.

What I miss at the moment?

Honestly, the odd commute, some me time, some quiet time and the banter in the office, the chat with the people in the pub. Other than that, we are pretty good.

Stay safe!

Living in a new world – Days at home (7)

How was your weekend?

Ours was fantastic. I had to go shopping and hadn’t had any problems. Pasta and loo role seem to be still in high demand, but I got everything else. We had a roast dinner (and veggies for me), and got more than we need. Having said that, it was just normal supply, maybe the odd pack of Tuc more; Tuc seem to keep us alive when we are at home and want to nibble on something 😉 But in all seriousness, the queue was short, the shelves were full and due to the amount of people in the shop being restricted, it was a calmer experience. Let’s see how the next few weeks go. It will get worse before it gets better and the next two weeks we got a delivery slot with one of the supermarkets.


We then went for a long walk and I trialled my video recording for my online coaching course. It is all happening, however the videographer cannot come to our place to film, so it’s up to my business partner (aka my wife) and me. Things will happen in the end.

The week kicked off nicely for me with two new proposals and a new mindfulness client.

With everything we have, and being healthy, and even screen time on my devices being down by 12% from last week, I think we should be very grateful. And if things get worse, I shall still be grateful for what we have.

The boys are keeping well, which is the main thing for me. We went for our daily walk, did all our homework, and things are good.

Hang in there.

Living in a new world – Days at home (5)

Oh what a week. Now even the Prime Minister has Corona Virus. We wish him all the best.

It looks like the tasks for school are getting less, maybe because it is Friday.

Luckily I could help a bit more today, as I was at home and working on my own projects. Another promotional video done, some work on mindfulness, and preparation for a new client next week. Never stop. Never give in or up. Challenges are there to be overcome.

Best thing of the week or the day really was: setting up a Zoom call with Rohan’s class. They haven’t seen each other for over a week, and they loved chatting, laughing and giggling. It was so much fun to watch. Using technology to get them back together.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a picture (GDPR etc.) but it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was so great.

Now we are off for the weekend.

We update you again on Monday, day 7, unless anything happens over the weekend.

Stay safe!

Living in a new world – Days at home (4)

This day was easier, for daddy anyway. Mummy was at home and took over most of the homeschooling, so daddy could get on with some work. That worked well actually.

With Rohan working off the iPad, we trying to circumvent some compatibility issues but think we are getting there. The exercise was fitted in today and we are getting more into a routine. Mummy and the boys went for a long walk. Daddy did some essential shopping.

It seems a bit like ‘normality’ sets in. The new normal, yet some tears of exhaustion and being fed up. We venture through. I am excited to have set up a video call for Rohan’s class tomorrow, that will be fun!

Rohan is working on a map from the USA, identifying states like Kansas. It takes me back 35+ years when I lived there as an exchange student. Time flies. Their motto: Ad astra per aspera – to the stars through difficulties. What a nice motto, valid more today than ever.

KS flag

Stay safe.

Living in a new world – Days at home (3)

The day started with a 7 min workout instead of the 30 minutes on YouTube.

I published an article on what life might look like post Covid19. What do you think? Do you think about it often?

Due to popular demand, I wanted to share Colin’s wartime motivational poster 😉 A carrot. Why not I suppose. But what do you think?

Food is a weapon

And here is a picture watching a live stream from the Liverpool museum. That was fun and I find it great how different people and institutions go out of their way to support education these days. Fantastic!

Liverpool Museum Tour Online

Things are good here, and we are due to play some football once daddy is finished with his work. Rohan still needs to do drumming to keep up with the progress there. It feels like learning and working never stops.

Hump day…..we are halfway through week 1.