Buddhist Thoughts: Buddha’s Life

You know when you think about Karma and about whether or not something you do is having an effect in your current or future life? Or at least I think that, as a Buddhist.

The quote below shows that all cause is in the NOW. All fear is in the past or present:

The cause is right now; the result is at the moment of death. When the resultant action is already manifest, how can you fear? Fear is over the past and present; since the past had a present, the present must have a past. Since there has been enlightenment in the past, there must also be enlightenment in the present. If you can attain now and forever the single moment of present awareness, and this one moment of awareness is not governed by anything at all, whether existent or nonexistent, then from the past and the present the Buddha is just human, and humans are just Buddhas.

– Pai-chang

So we should aim to live every moment, the present, at any one time. The present awareness, being aware of what is going on in the here and now is key to finding the right moment. You then, in this very moment, become enlightened. You will be omni knowledgeable of what is going on. You become Buddha.

Isn’t that a very comforting thought. To be present in the very moment gives you the chance to live Buddha’s life.

Love and Kindness from my part of the universe.