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Buddhist Thought – Faults

If you think that everything is someone else’s fault, then think again. You cannot blame others for what you have done wrong. If you do, you will suffer. Keep an open mind and realise the mistakes you made. The ones you are responsible for. If you realise it springs from you, you will be able to laugh at yourself. You will experience joy! En-Joy! Volker

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Buddhist Thought – Anger again

Anger again. This time the quote says that if you hang on to anger, being angry at someone else, is like drinking poison and expect someone else to die. Do you get it. Anger is poison. If you have anger, don’t expect it to kill someone else. It will most certainly kill you. Stay positive. Stay happy! Volker

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Buddhist Thought – Love and Affection

I am not sure if I understand that quote. You can give love and affection but deserve it as much for yourself as others deserve it for you to give to them? Is that karma? I guess so. Whilst you should give and share love and affection, make sure you get your equal share of the pie. But you will. Keep giving, then you will receive! Have a great day, Volker

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