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Life’s update early February

Hey people, I know I said that I would stop the regular writing, but I just can’t stop putting my thoughts into some words and publish them. Since Christmas, my ‘blog’ time has been used to review my 500 blog posts of the Sunday Column, and make some notes for a bigger book project. You might remember, there are more things I want to write about. That’s of course to be announced at some point in the future. For me, 2019, was all about focus. And I have done some interesting personal development work around that. I have finished a coaching qualification for ‘strength coaching’ at the end of 2018; I have, through my podcast, talked to some really interesting people I randomly connected with on Linkedin. I get to a more focused networking approach, and through work I have met some immensely smart people too. There is definitely an advantage of working for a big global corporation. So far, I have been enjoying it, and the next 6-12 months are critical to make my job successful for my employer. I am very excited about the opportunity. Then, from a writing perspective, I am working on my book around success.

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