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Dear Marks….

I have been a bit peeved recently with Marks and Spencer. Since we seem to be unable to communicate via phone or Twitter, here is a copy of the email I just sent. —- Hello, I am fed up to put it outright. I tried helping you to help me but I came to the conclusion, that Marks and Spencer, once known for best customer service, just doesn’t seem to care. It all started on Valentine’s Day. I got flowers ordered, as I normally do for every occasion, normally always do via Marks, but then I got an email at 7 am telling me that you aren’t sure whether you can deliver on the day? What is happening there, I thought. Your customer service didn’t answer until 8 am, so finally I got through and the lady said that she could neither confirm or deny that the flowers will be delivered in time and if they haven’t arrived by 7 pm I should call back. I said that this is useless as I am not going to wait until 7 pm to find out that, potentially, the flowers won’t be delivered, as at that point I couldn’t go out and

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@southernrailuk #railchallenge 2015

Ok, as most of you know I commute from Hassocks in West Sussex to London Victoria. I try to do that 3-4 times a week and work 1-2 days from home (or try to work from home as much as possible to avoid the commute). If on average I have 3 journeys a week, this means 6 journeys, of which the morning journey is on average (!) delayed by 10 minutes. The evening one is between 5 and 15 minutes delayed. So on average I have a 20 minute delay a day, accounting for approximately 60 minutes a week, 1 hour. In 2015, given we have 365 days, taken off weekends (104), holidays and working from home days, leaving me with approximately 200 days of commute. Given I am travelling, there are probably only about 150 journeys a year. Not too bad. However, if I am delayed 20 minutes on those (150 return journeys, 20 minutes for each return journey), I look at 3,000 minutes delays. 3000 minutes = 50 hours = 2.08 full days or one working week. On Twitter, I just asked @Southerrailuk for a #railchallenge, asking whether they reimburse me my annual travel card, currently just over

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