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Publisher Challenges

After my well received piece on the RTB industry (part 1 and part 2), I thought I put some thoughts together around the publisher side of things. I was supposed to chair the European Publisher Forum early June. Unfortunately the organiser had to move the date to September, so pending my next gig I might not be able to chair and moderate the forum. This would be a shame as I come from the demand side and really enjoyed speaking to publishers, learning about their challenges. It will be a really good event with great speakers confirmed already! The challenges from publishers are manifold. To be honest, I never really looked at publishers before, as sitting on the RTB (real time bidding) demand side, my focus was around how to deliver a good campaign for an advertiser direct or through their agency. But did anyone ever thought that really without publishers, there wouldn’t be any end consumers? I am a publisher, having a blog. People coming to my blog to read the content that is there and ultimately I create a certain audience that might be of interest to advertiser A. I am the one creating an audience – no

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Where is the path leading us to?

This path has a gate at the end. A gate to heaven? A gate to pastures new? To new opportunities? Will the gate be open when we get there? What will the path be like? Curiosity will lead us down the path. Uncertainty will keep us going. Be confident. Be bold. Don’t look down to test the path, focus on the gate at the end. Make it your goal. You will get there. Don’t worry. Picture: Butcher’s Wood, Hassocks

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