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Sunday Column (4)

Now in my 4th week writing my Sunday column, I am thinking more and more back on what I have done each week. I think this week was stress free but I am not sure. I got new insoles to cure my shin splints but when I went to the gym on Saturday, I still got the old pain. Hopefully it is just a period of getting used to the insoles and things will sort itself out. I would love to do a 10 K run and who knows, even a marathon. However, to do that I need no pain 🙁 Wednesday was a busy day. I met an old client from Germany. That was great. She is very interested in coaching and therefore we had lots to talk about. It was good speaking to her and figuring out what needs and wants people have – I haven’t had such an interesting, in depth conversation for a while. Very interesting. The rest of the week went rather quickly. Honestly, not much happened. Work was busy, but I don’t really want to speak about work. Things are progressing. So it is good. Yesterday I spent the whole day sorting out my

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Sunday Column (3)

What a week. It went so quickly that I don’t believe it is Sunday again. After us renovating the hall last weekend, the dust was still settling all week. However, it is nice to see what we are capable of doing in the house and how we can improve our living space with little effort. Also, I am getting quite excited about my veggies and hope I can put them out in the garden soon. It is amazing how much they have grown already! On Tuesday I went to the Social Media World Forum in London. An interesting show and conference but we only went for a few hours to listen to some seminars. Social Media Marketing is still not the biggest part of Search or Online Marketing but a growing sector. With Twitter being ever so popular at the moment, Social Media is becoming more important for the marketing mix. But, will it ever be a part of the marketing that takes off on its own? We will see what 2009 brings. I keep reading the Razorfish Digital Outlook Report 2009. Ad Exchanges and Social Media are still the most interesting and the most to watch areas for 2009.

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Sunday Column (2)

Here we go again, my 2nd column. A week into March already and it has been a busy week. Work is very busy and I try to not spend too much time there. Not because I don’t like it but because I need to unwind and have a life too. Guess it comes down to work life balance. However, I am off with work to Oslo next week, for our first non-UK based International Search Summit. Very exciting! My first 5 weeks of Tai Chi are over as well. And I absolutely love it. Shame I cannot go next week, but the course continuous for at least another 5 weeks, probably forever. I really enjoy it. What else is happening? I planted another raspberry and a blackberry bush in the garden. Also cut the grass, got rid of some fungus growing on our wall and put some fertiliser on the grass. So the garden is ready for my veggies. I planted the seeds in little pots, so hopefully they will come out nicely soon. Jen is nesting and decided to decorate the hall. I ended up sanding the floor in the entrance area and we removed the carpet there and

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Sunday Column (1)

Hello Readers, After a long weekend, or should I say I am still in it as I am off work tomorrow, I decided to write a Sunday Column. Just really a personal update, some thoughts and some ideas on life, work and anything I feel speaking/writing about. Am I well? Yes, I think I am. Have been back to the gym, exaggerating it and feeling rather knackered for a week or so. Also, had two shows over the last 2 weeks which drained a lot of energy out of me. However, being off really helps and the blackberry is off and I haven’t checked my emails. This weekend we went for a meal. I will write more in detail about it but I am still wondering about the horrendous prices for going out in the UK. With or without wine you hardly get away with less than £50, or if you really go for something fancy it easily adds up to £100 or more. So mark up prices in the UK are still the norm and sometimes I ask myself why to support it? Probably because I really fancy doing it and I (still) can. Once our little baby boy

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