cb consulting

Volker Ballueder founded cb consulting as a side project in 2007 and since worked on many projects across the adtech and martech industry.

Programmatic Consulting | Start Up Advisory:

I have been involved in consulting start-ups on positioning and growing within the digital markets in EMEA for many years. Additional to that I held programmatic advisory roles and acted as an advisor to companies in the data and programmatic space (please see my curriculum on LinkedIn for details).

I also step into interim CEO, MD and Sales/Business Development positions to launch new companies, help existing brands and companies, manage change processes or helping to kick start new (programmatic) propositions.

Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn to discuss bespoke requirements and individual offers.

Coaching and Personal Development:

My keen interest in personal development, coaching and productivity lead me to work on the following projects:

* Personal Development and Performance Coaching
Application of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Master Practitioner in NLP in 2003 – and other personal development techniques to improve individual or team performances.

* [tidWOWs]: Productivity and time management
tidWOWs stands for “Things I did Whilst Others Were Sleeping” and was a stand alone project from 2014-2016 of publishing my firs productivity book.

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