Change – Chris Hyman

I read an interview with Chris Hyman this morning in the MT. Chris seems to be an achiever, clearly as a CEO of one of the top ten companies in Britain, a Formula 3 driver, only sleeps 4 hours a day, and he grew up in the belief “if you always do your best, you will be spotted“.

That is why I started “googled” him, to find out a little bit more. And I found an essay he wrote about change. So, I thought I write a few lines about change. Chris mentions in his essay that with all the innovation around us, a change process needs to happen and is inevitable. Therefore, contractors should expect it to happen, being aware of it.

That brings me back to what I wrote a few months ago about having anticipation of change making it easier to cope with. You remember that?

But coming back to “doing your best” – my old host dad whilst I was an exchange student in the US told me over 10 years ago “Volker, if you always do your best, neither you nor anyone else would blame you for what you are doing.”

So maybe it is not about doing it right or wrong – is it all about doing your best to be at the top – the top of your life not the top of the world. Maybe for some it might be the top of the world.

And, if you always give your best, would that prepare you for more change because you can anticipate more of the change and be more prepared to make things happen?

Surely something to think about at this very cold December morning.