Christmas Column – the year 2010

Dear friends and family,

No, we didn’t write many Christmas cards this year. Apologies for that but there was just so much going on. We don’t get overly excited about Christmas. Colin is too young, and I am too old. My wife likes Christmas because of the Christmas feeling, but overall, we are not too fussed, nor religious for that matter. It is more a multi-faith Christmas, giving is important, helping others and sending love and joy.

However, having the cold spell, snow and family together – my MIL is down from Scotland – it is time to reflect, eat good food, enjoy a good time and share a glass of vino. And the latter I have plenty of. I stocked up a bit on the latest offers.

Colin has grown so fast over the last year. He is a boy now. He is not only tall but curious, starting to speak, totally understand words both in German and English. It is a lot of fun to hang out with him, to take him to the creche, for a walk or into the snow. He isn’t too fussed about snow yet. He is fantastic though. Particularly with him having a cold or some sort of virus for almost 6 weeks now. And of course he gave it to us too.

Jenny and I are looking forward to welcoming baby boy number 2 to the family. He is due to join us early February. We are very excited, got the cot up, the IKEA chest of drawers and the play carpet. It will be a new cycle of life, all over again. The work will be worth it, looking at Colin imagining that soon we have two of them around, is a very pleasing thought.

I started a new job this year. A job that is new, new in my industry, and with a fantastic team to look after me, and me to look after a fantastic team too. Given that 2009 was a terrible year for jobs, this year really paid off. I am happy and pleased to work for my current company, and from the looks of it, will be for quite a while. Onwards and upwards. I landed on my feet, in the right job, with very exciting plans and opportunities to hopefully fall into place 2011.

We met a lot of friends this year too. We are happy to have so many friends, so many good friends. Neighbours that helped us a lot this year, and generally a great community to live in. There have been ups and downs this year. Friends with personal problems, friends with great personal losses, friends with babies, friends with babies on their way and friends who are just as happy as we are. And of course I am fighting the council for the lack of gritting and cleaning the pavements….but that is another moan for another time than Christmas 🙂

Family: we met less of the family this year. That was due to us having difficulties travelling, so hopefully 2011 will see a few family reunions. I am grateful my parents can still travel that well. I haven’t seen my brother and his family for a while but still hope they might come to visit. Let us see what 2011 holds. You cannot plan things ahead. With our new car we got in February we are quite flexible, no matter the weather. And, we can always take Colin’s car for a ride 😉

Now, we are not only happy, content and grateful for our health, our family and friends, we are very much happy with our life overall. Not many people can say that, and we don’t take things for granted. There have been ups and down in 2010 but that is life for you. 2010 was so much better than 2009. And, if we continue with half the pace for 2011 we will be very happy.

2011 will hopefully see more growth – job and family – and more happy hours with friends and family. We are planning to attend a few weddings, a Reinhard Mey concert, and hopefully can show off with our two boys in front of their great grand mother. We are also planning a few trips, and I am hoping for a few bigger trips that hopefully will guide us in our decision to where we might end up in the long run.

But enough said for now.

Thanks for all your support and love this year, we hope we could give you some of the love and care back.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lots of Love, Happiness and Joy.

Roll on 2011.

With love and kindness,
Volker, Jenny, Colin and …..bump….