Diamond Cutter revisited – problem 13

This problem is quite interesting in a broader context:

“I cannot find a building to put a new branch location in.” – I just found an office for my new work, so I thought to drill on that as we would eventually need a bigger place.

The suggested solution by the Diamond Cutter is to make sure you help others find places to stay when they need them. That simple?

Sure, if you help and do place a small imprint in the subconscious, it grows there over time, and then it comes up to the conscious mind to make you see a corresponding lack of needed space.

I find this thought very fascinating. Whatever you plan to do you do create it for others first. If I look through essays today for a friend then, if I need help, even in 50 years time, this person or someone else would be happily help me. It is this principle of “what comes around goes around” – if you help your neighbour, they help you.

From a critical point of view I sometimes think it is all about “be good” otherwise you are bad. But, if there is a great universal subconscious out there which has all our thoughts floating about (simplified after Jung) then maybe by creating positive imprints we will reach out for the positive ones to come back to us.

For instance, we do have very noisy neighbours. What should we do? We did talk to them friendly but no change. We talked to them again – we try to be as positive as possible to help them to understand that noise in a block of flats is not acceptable. I truly hope they understood because the next steps would be more negative, e.g. getting the management of the building involved and possibly the police. Neither I nor anyone involved wants to but it might be the only way to do it. Would that create a negative imprint if one is forced to act like it?
Another thought on this is, should I be happy for them to be noisy at 3 am in the morning? I am really not sure.

Have a great week!