digital revolution

Maybe it is sad that a sales manager for an online and digital marketing show admits that this weekend, after paying a few quid to transfer 2 videos on dvd, I trashed the last two videos I still had. The video-recorder went 2 weeks ago.

An era ended long before but for us, we hung on to the last videos and the video recorder that so nicely showed the time just under the TV. I bought a new clock, analog though ,-)

Life changed so much. The videos I transferred to dvd are the ones from my graduation – that is 11 years ago. That is amazing, at that time video recorders were expensive and the latest technology. Almost anyway and for me, I still copied CDs on cassettes 2 years ago to listen to them in the car. This time I bought a CD player that even plays MP3. Having done all that my phone now works as an MP3 player and the memory is bigger than the MP3 player I bought two years ago….Also, I decided that my 15 year old stereo will not be replaced with a cassette player – but it still works and probably continues to do so for another 15 years!

Am I afraid things move on too quickly. Yes and no. A friend of mine is paranoid that his IP address is tracked and never does anything online while I find nothing else than behavioural targeting more interesting and useful in today’s world. The only thing that I have to admit is that I still do not know how to subscribe to podcasts and download them automatically…but hey, I am still young.

Before I turn 50 I am sure the digital revolution implanted a chip in us and all I need to do is think of what I would like and “bang” there it is. The song I would like to listen to, the news I would like to watch on my phone or whatever it might be.

Let it come the revolution…..I believe I am ready.
Then again, looking up record players, and I am a fanatic to listen to 70-ties records of Reinhard Mey and Peter Maffay on records as it gives you the real sound, you get them as a gadget for your USB hub….sad world.