DIY Weekend

Sunday afternoon, almost time for my tea…

My neighbour was so kind to come over in the morning. He fixed our electricity after I hit one of the major cables with the drill last night. Hmm, never drill next to a fuse box. However, good thing about it: he discovered a real mess of electric cables, ergo we need to get someone out to fix most of our electrics. Bad news: expensive.
Anyhow, rather fixing it now before it burns down the house or something.

Then we finally put up our blinds in the kitchen and living room. I tried to find “screwing venetian blinds on window frame” on Google with little success. So anyone who tries to drill venetian blind fittings on to their window frame (plastic) be aware that you drill through the plastic into the masonary. Be sure you have masonry behind – we did not. So some screws are hanging lose and others are fixed only on the plastic, e.g. with a hollow wall wall plug. As long as it holds…..we definitely leave them until we move out of here.

So, the house is getting very homely. But, enough for today. Some tidying, laundry, wine and cigar and that is me. Love it though, think we got a major step done now. Need to find an electrician soon though.

Have a good Sunday