Furniture for the new house

More excitement.

You all know there are certain things in life that require managing in a relationship. It starts with moving in together, then getting used to each other, accepting the other’s faults (if there are any of course ,-)) and….once you bought or are in the process of buying you start looking at furniture.

When we first started I did not even know about furniture and where to buy it. What would we need, what did we have. My wife’s first comment was “NO IKEA” – and I agreed. It is functional, we have a lovely Ikea bed but for our own place, we want something nice.

So we decided to look around and we both found something we both liked quite quickly. Isn’t that love I think? Despite different tastes for pictures (my wife hates that £5 picture from the charity shop but puts up with it for 4 years in our living room), different taste for Plants (I better do not go into details of my little greenhouse collection) we found furniture we both like and that will perfectly fit into our wee house.

Unfortunately I cannot download the picture but if you go to you find out what we like.