Gedanken = thoughts about a boy

Since I started my new job, I have been busy, and I have been speaking more German than I used to. I believe that Colin is benefiting from that, as I try to make the extra effort to speak German to him. Fingers crossed.

I also thought I just write a few lines about his development. My wife already said that I missed things out in Sunday’s post. But I would – I only see him a few days a week. Tuesday is one of them. Tuesdays I make an extra effort to be home early and try to bath the boy and put him to bed. Tonight I managed.

It is great to see him grow. I don’t believe that he is over 7 months already. Before we know it, he is going to be a year. He is sitting up right already, bouncing up and down and says “dada”, not quite in relation to myself yet, but the sounds are there 🙂

My wife has done a fantastic job of taking some new pictures of Colin. If you are in our distribution list you will get a link to all of them. We love to share these pictures, however we don’t want them to be distributed all over the place. Anyhow, I think my wife should become a professional photographer. What do you think?

When Colin was born I was less overwhelmed than I thought. Even before that, seeing the first scan, it was just all like it is supposed to be, supposed to look etc. I believe that we have seen development of babies too much these days, it is documented everywhere, and we think we have seen it all. But, 7 months on, I find that I still struggle to comprehend that this little worm on the scan was actually Colin. And today, Colin was sitting in the bath “reading” the book he got from his god mother about animals squirting water whilst I just sit there and watch him. He is self content, happy and can entertain himself. This would have been unthinkable a few months ago when he was crying and shouting much more often.

I reckon that in a few weeks time, maybe a couple of month, I will write about how much he has grown and how much he is crawling. He crawls backwards a bit and tries to figure out completely how to turn himself around. We are getting there and there is no hurry. In his own time.

My wife got a new buggy today, one that we can fold up and take with us anywhere: planes, cars, trains etc. We are getting used to the idea of being more mobile with him. He is eating proper food and enjoys it a lot. His favourite I believe is still macaroni cheese but he also likes the lentil coconut dish, and fish!

It is great. Seeing a child grow up is still a miracle. But you have to see it, you have to look at him and experience it. Hence I try to spend more time with him, and I am destined to take him swimming on Sunday….