Hidden Treasures London

A dirty Martini, or as Hawkeye in Mash says, a dry Martini that can be declared as a disaster zone is the perfect way forward. I did not know that Cocktails and Cocktail bars originated in the US, see blog about Dirty Martinis. The Savoy seems to be a very popular destination for that.

Now, last week I have been to a place that is known as “The Duke“. A gem in London, even the Times Online wrote about it. That is the bar, the famous one, where Ian Fleming got his inspiration for James Bond having his Vodka Martini – shaken, not stirred. I prefer Gin Martinis myself though 😉

Going there with a few (male) friends is an amazing way of relaxing after a hard day’s work. The friendly waiters with experience of handling and making great Martinis make you feel welcome. A discrete atmosphere, similar to a Gentlemen’s Club where you only want to take your best friends. Not any friends, just the best, the ones that truly deserve your company and the company of the Duke.

I mean, even Wikipedia refers to St. James as the area of Gentlemen Clubs. Not surprising as you find Jermyn Street close by with its fine suits, shirts and shoes, toiletries and of course pipes, cigars and other things for the pleasure of a real gentleman. Also, the Ritz and Buckingham Palace are close by, so you are in best company.

London – what a beautiful city. Every district has its own charm. You walk from Kings Cross down to Holborn and you think you are going from one town to another. From Covent Garden to Hammersmith, from Paddington to Victoria. Yes, I truly love London and its hidden treasures!

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