A new URL, a new name, a new project!

Shortly, Marcelo and I, wil launch – a site that explains a little bit about Buddhism, Management, Personal Development. It is similar to cb consulting,, a more Buddhism focused project.

Our blog will be on

The beauty is that Marcelo is living and working in Brazil whilst I am still in London – Our path crossed a few months back and now we go a path together. Both working hard but we decided to bring joy and help to our friends out there by giving tips, hints and love!

In Buddhism we have “bala madana” which is part of a ceremony for those who have tantric empowerment and they are always together. That is how Marcelo introduced me to the name.

That means in a general sense: “body and soul”, bliss and emptyness, union of sutra and tantra.

For me, that name which reminds us of our names, symbolizes two souls for one idea.

Stay tuned – we will shortly launch officially.