Knowing – or not knowing?

We went to the movies at Easter, watching Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

Hmm, what should I say without giving too much away. A very interesting movie. When children are asked to draw a picture about “what the future looks like”, one girl writes numbers all over a sheet of paper. All those sheets of paper are put in a time capsule and 50 years later, 2009, they are opened.

The numbers get a meaning of disasters and….the end of the world. However, this time it cannot be saved but the love and happiness and our species are being able to be saved. How? I cannot give it away. Part scary part cheesy. But it is all for the better.

The biggest question for me was whether it is feasible. If we knew what was coming, then surely Nostradamus was the one to believe? I read a book a few years ago about his life and his prophesies but I am not sure that people just interpret too much into his vision. Did he foresee 9/11? Surely not. Or if he did, would we like to know that the world comes to an end tomorrow?

For me, watching the movie at Easter, was kind of a relief. The resurrection, that life goes on forever, the knowing that things are being saved or at least part of the world for the better 🙂 But, if I am going to die in a terrorist attack, through the sun swallowing the earth or by old age – I don’t want to know. What would life be if we knew.

Anyhow, a nice movie. Could have done without some parts but….after all Nicholas Cage is a hero, isn’t he?