Life’s update early February

Hey people,

I know I said that I would stop the regular writing, but I just can’t stop putting my thoughts into some words and publish them. Since Christmas, my ‘blog’ time has been used to review my 500 blog posts of the Sunday Column, and make some notes for a bigger book project. You might remember, there are more things I want to write about. That’s of course to be announced at some point in the future.

For me, 2019, was all about focus. And I have done some interesting personal development work around that. I have finished a coaching qualification for ‘strength coaching’ at the end of 2018; I have, through my podcast, talked to some really interesting people I randomly connected with on Linkedin. I get to a more focused networking approach, and through work I have met some immensely smart people too. There is definitely an advantage of working for a big global corporation. So far, I have been enjoying it, and the next 6-12 months are critical to make my job successful for my employer. I am very excited about the opportunity.

Then, from a writing perspective, I am working on my book around success. Based on my podcast, Stories of Success, which is getting ever popular, I am carving out the right principles that will help you to achieve and sustain success. Pending progress, I hope to publish this not later than the summer, yet again, I keep you posted. Reflecting on my interviews, there is loads to digest, and I can see that revisions of the script will take a lot longer. I am still at the collection stage 😉

As mentioned, the podcast has some great guests coming up. I have been recording mainly in the evenings, accommodating people’s time and time zones, as well as early mornings, before work or even really early for someone based in Israel. So this has added to an already full schedule. Hopefully you will find someone or something that interests you, e.g. I got stories from a blind marathon runner coming up, a mindfulness coach, the recruiter one went live early January, another entrepreneur just went live, and more to come; interesting conversations about the greater unconsciousness, life in general and state of the world. It is so much fun, and the learning is great too. Thank you for the opportunity.

So I have been busy. As always January started slowly with people coming back after Christmas. However, the last 3 weeks have been immensely busy for me. Actually, this is how I like it, how I enjoy it and I am looking forward to downtime at the weekends. Just last week, I was in Germany for 2 days, working my butt off, ran around like a headless chicken on Thursday from one meeting to another and eased the week off on Friday in the office. Despite the snow, I did want to make sure I see the office at least once a week, connect to people and get some work done. I did, and it was great to plough through loads of stuff. I find that immensely satisfying, so nothing has changed there really.

Life has been good. It is of course a journey with its ups and downs. That is life. After the marathon, my knees are in shambles. I am back in a routine to exercise, mainly weight training, stretching and then up to 7.5K running and one 1.5K swim a week. Maybe it is time to exchange the treadmill for an elliptical machine. I am doing some exercise by myself, but if things don’t improve further, I might have to see a physio after all. On Thursday last week I got a call from Macmillan, offering me a space in the London marathon. I was gutted to say the least, but the state of my knees do not allow for me to even think beyond a 10K race; if that. Can you imagine you had this big dream and you could fulfil it, but your body is too ill to do it. Sometimes, thinking of motivational quotes and trainers, you think that you should just go for it, and work through the pain. But hey, I am not ruining my knees, ending up not being able to walk. This would just be crazy. It’s not motivational, it is physical. Anyway, I have done my marathon, and maybe it is time to rethink the exercise regime again soon.

I guess that’s what life is all about. Since so many of you wanted an update, I thought I share it with you. My column had become a summary of what I have been up to, and that’s really what it is. Don’t expect it monthly, but shout if I left it for too long. As you know, I am a very positive and ambitious person, not always do I come across that way, and despite all mindfulness, I still make mistakes or loose my patience. Particularly with the kids, but as they grow up, things are getting better 🙂 Would you believe it, we were out of the door to karate this weekend on time! No shouting necessary, maximisation of sleep (for the kids that is).

We have a holiday booked with my parents, a three generation get together, and we have booked a UK based summer holiday, so we see what Brexit brings first. There is so much insecurity at the moment, and I am personally quite stressed about the outcome. At least I don’t need to register myself, I am British, and I love this country, the people and living here. I am so settled, yet unsettled with the potential negative outcome of Brexit.

Sometimes, I would just like to sit back and relax, know I am going to be ok for the next 20 years and don’t have to worry about politics or income or health. Of course, none of that is possible. Life is a constant change, and riding those waves can be fun too. It is still the January blues that makes me think, and worry of course. And in the end, things will be ok. We just need to assume they will. They always will be, no?

Positive outlook.
Living in the moment.
Smelling the roses.
Creating successful habits.
Connecting the dots.
Moving forward.
Yes, life is good. Thanks for reaching out and asking.

Have a wonderful day,