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Welcome to my personal blog. I have been writing this blog for over 15 years, and love sharing my views of the world. I work as sales and strategy consultant, career and leadership coach, and offer mindfulness trainings. I also host a podcast on success, wrote a bestselling book and published an online coaching course on how to #BeBetter. Feel free to follow the links on the left-hand side, or reach out to me directly! This is my personal ‘blurb’ which at times is a rant, other times just a philosophical point of view. Please let me know if you enjoy reading it.

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year again!

May all your wishes come true….what about all the New Year Resolutions?

Sitting at a nice meal last night, my wife and I discussed that actually so many million people wish for a new start, e.g. to give up smoking today. Why is that?

Because it is a new year, a new start. From my point of view these new starts do not come from calendars. They come from within. Enhancing Performance from within! It is your yourself who decides when the new year/new life starts. So just because it is “fashionable” to do so because so many people try to give up smoking 2008, and because the number in the year adds ‘one’ to it, this is not “your point zero”.

I do not want to discourage you, just the opposite. But do not be disappointed if it does not work out to change your whole life today. Take it in little steps and coach yourself or be coached and find the right time for you – and when the time is right, celebrate your new year!

Lots of luck for that!
Volker Ballueder

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

I wish you all a Happy New Year and that your dreams and resolutions come true in 2008.

Have you made your list yet? Go inside yourself and reflect on what you have achieved 2007 – your private life, your job, for yourself – health, personal development – for others? You will discover that you have achieved so much.

Now, for 2008, prepare yourself. Set yourself the goals that are achievable. Write them down into your calendar and remind yourself of it. What is it you want to achieve 2008? What are the ways of noticing that I am on track.

Go back and revisit the stepping stone theory, find yourself stepping stones to your big goal to make sure that you are on track and that you slowly but surely achieve what you are aiming for. Make 2008 your best ever year to achieve your goals and objectives. Be even more positive. Be even more confident.

I wish you all the happiest, most successful year ahead. May all your dreams and goals come true.

Lots of Love,
Volker Ballueder

cb consulting wishes you a Happy New Year!

Buddha of the day (29/12/07)

Another Buddhist thought of the day caught my eye:

Reality is all-encompassing: the absolute nature is one. Although we may feel separate from the original uncreated reality – whether we call it ‘God,’ ‘peak experience,’ or ‘enlightened mind’ – through awareness we can contact this essential part of ourselves. – Tarthang Tulku

I like this thought of the day. Reality is everywhere – we might not think of our “spiritual master/performance” at all times and might not be attached to it. However, if we practise awareness we can find it. Everywhere but best and clearly in ourselves!

Pure enlightenment and reality can be found by awareness of ourselves. Whatever lies within us counts!

Happy Sunday!

Google – sustainable business!?

Reading an interesting article about Google, I came across the following line of “sustainable business” as I would call it:

“In five ways should workers and servants as the lower direction be respected by an employer: by allocating work according to aptitude, providing wages and food, looking after the sick, sharing special treats, and giving reasonable time off work.” – The Buddha

That is what I think is work in a respectful way all about:

– do not overload your employees with too much work
– give them the right pay
– care for them when they are sick
– if you get rewarded, share it amongst all
– have a good entitlement of holidays

Bearing all that in mind it is important to look after your employees. It starts with little everyday things to make people comfortable at work, not to shout at them, offering them help and be a true team player – latter one, although often praised in organisations, turns out to be a “I show the team that I am better than them” which has nothing to do with team playing.

So, can we use the Buddha teaching or any other religious teaching to create an organisation that functions better than any other by applying principles like the one above?

Merry Peaceful Time

Dear Readers,

I will take a few days off from writing, thinking, working and wanted to wish you all a very peaceful time.

Nowadays one needs to think whether “Christmas” is allowed to be called Christmas or Festive Season, Season for Retreat, Peaceful Time – depending on the country and religion I suppose.

I spoke to a close friend this week who is Hindu and I said, so can I wish you a Merry Christmas? Of course, Volker, he said, you can. We even went to (a Christian) church last year to get a feeling what it is like.

Personally, I like that because if I was living in a foreign country where the main religion is “non-Christian” and they celebrated a special feast, I would give it a go too. To get a feel for what it is like for others.

So what do I wish you?

  • I wish you all happy days with your family and friends.
  • I wish you all a peaceful, stress free time
  • I wish you all the goodies – presents and food – you hope for
  • I wish you time to reflect and recharge your batteries
  • I wish you well and,
  • I wish you love!

Have a Merry Happy Peaceful Festive Time ,-)


an interfaith bird

Love and Merry Christmas

I wrote about Alan Alda before. He is the actor of “Captain Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H” and just published his second book “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself”.

When I started it this morning, a cold December day just before Christmas, I read the speech he gave for his daughter Eve on her graduation day. He finished with the words “Simply Love them, Love them, Love them” talking about our children.

For him, meaning in life and having children is more or less the same. There is not much more love you can give anyone else, maybe your wife, your parents, but the most love you most probably ever give to anyone would be your children. You want them to do well, you want them to do well for themselves.

And, if our meaning in life is loving our children and spread the love amongst other people, whilst writing this I am reminded of the Woodstock Hippy Festival 1969, then if we love we create a meaningful life.

What means that? It simply means that if we pass on the love to others, if we create a positive and “lovely” imprint in the greater subconscious out there, then we will get it back and receive a meaningful life.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Merry Christmas!



Podcasting becomes more popular. Not only for my main work which focuses on optimising search engines, but also for me going to work and a lot of people out there who travel a lot and get less time to read as e.g. they have to focus on traffic, get travel sick reading etc.

So, I found some podcasts on Spirituality, got them from Eric Putkonen, whose website is http://www.awaken2life.org/. Quite interesting, tonight I listened to him saying that for him, meditation is to sit down on a busy day and let go. Not about enlightenment but purely to let go and relax in a busy and hectic environment. He does not even use breathing techniques as he likes to keep it as simple as possible.

I understand that and agree. Keep it simple – do not worry if you “mediate right or wrong” – as it is for you to understand and benefit from.

Eric’s website mentions in a quote that “we are all enlightened but some of us remember” – that gives me to think. Would that imply that we are actually all enlightened but the once who practise to find where the roots are, where we are coming from, who connect with their inner self, those are the ones that remember. So remembering is nothing else than connecting with your roots? That makes sense too.

I will write to Eric that I like his thoughts. Thanks Eric for making my journey tonight some valuable time for some valuable thoughts.

Have a good and peaceful night/day.

Change – Chris Hyman

I read an interview with Chris Hyman this morning in the MT. Chris seems to be an achiever, clearly as a CEO of one of the top ten companies in Britain, a Formula 3 driver, only sleeps 4 hours a day, and he grew up in the belief “if you always do your best, you will be spotted“.

That is why I started “googled” him, to find out a little bit more. And I found an essay he wrote about change. So, I thought I write a few lines about change. Chris mentions in his essay that with all the innovation around us, a change process needs to happen and is inevitable. Therefore, contractors should expect it to happen, being aware of it.

That brings me back to what I wrote a few months ago about having anticipation of change making it easier to cope with. You remember that?

But coming back to “doing your best” – my old host dad whilst I was an exchange student in the US told me over 10 years ago “Volker, if you always do your best, neither you nor anyone else would blame you for what you are doing.”

So maybe it is not about doing it right or wrong – is it all about doing your best to be at the top – the top of your life not the top of the world. Maybe for some it might be the top of the world.

And, if you always give your best, would that prepare you for more change because you can anticipate more of the change and be more prepared to make things happen?

Surely something to think about at this very cold December morning.

Buddha of the day….

There is a site about Buddhism that offers a Daily Mediation – http://www.amidabuddha.org/

Friday’s meditation was as follows:

You are now in control of your life. You see, the ego is never in control. The ego is controlled by wishes for comfort and convenience on the part of the body, by demands of the mind, and by outbursts of the emotions. But the higher nature controls the body and the mind and the emotions. I can say to my body, “Lie down there on that cement floor and go to sleep,” and it obeys. I can say to my mind, “Shut out everything else and concentrate on this job before you,” and it’s obedient. I can say to my emotions, “Be still, even in the face of this terrible situation,” and they are still. It’s a different way of living. The philosopher Thoreau wrote: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps he hears a different drummer. And now you are following a different drummer–the higher nature instead of the lower. – Peace Pilgrim

The mediation says that the ego is never in control but the ego is controlled by wishes; and that it is the higher nature that actually controls the body, mind and emotions. Ergo the higher nature controls the ego, doesn’t it?

The blue part shows that it is up to you what you decide to do – the higher nature – to decide on what your body does, your mind and your emotions. Buddhist meditation is aimed at being in control as well as letting go of things. Stop hanging on to things and purify yourself. Also, control your mind, emotions and body.

If you achieve that – they say – you achieve a different pace of life. A different balance between controlling and letting go. You will get a “new drummer” who drums you into a life in which you might outperform your companions, don’t you think?

Have a good Saturday night.



Not that I think it gets boring to write about the Diamond Cutter but I wanted to write about Gratitude today.

Jackie Headland’s newsletter triggered it. Gratitude, Thankfulness or Appreciation is a positive emotion. Jackie writes about the expanding your awareness with an attitude of gratitude and that it gives us power, perspective, appreciation, humour, optimism and hope. It opens up the good values in our life….heard that before?

Exactly. Have a positive attitude towards all living beings. Be thankful for being on this earth, being healthy and appreciative of what you are and what you have. Do not be greedy or envy others. Remember, if you envy others you might create a negative imprint.

And, if you create positive imprints you expand your awareness. You will gain power, perspective and appreciation. Humour of course, or have you ever seen a Buddhist not being happy ,-) OK, maybe that takes it too far.

Open up your good values in life, connect to the universe and have an attitude of gratitude. Then you will create positive imprints that come back to you – in a positive way.

Sleep well tonight, tomorrow might be your chance to change your attitude and make a difference.