It seems that the word “passion” follows me. I got a magazine from the Coaching Academy talking about the “Passion for Coaching”.

I noticed, that is in regards to the last entry, that there are so many help books out there. Currently I read a book about the Leadership of Colin Powell. Very interesting. But sometimes I wonder how much we can take it. How many self-help and personal development books can we read and process.

Last night I said to my partner that I just noticed recently that I am not taking any exams any more at the moment. I haven’t for the past 3 years but was not consciously aware that the pressure of exams is over and now, all I do, is working. And, did I take all the things in I learned at University?

I guess so, thinking back I remember that I experienced loads of different topics, new fields of studies, new research. Even back then I read a lot of self-development books. But today. I still read books about online-marketing or new Internet facts as they relate to my job. Or, I read about the newest developments in NLP. But the more self-development books I read the more I realize that I learn less and less from them. What I do learn is that I get so conscious about life that I do should write my own – which I surely will at some point.

Coming back to the article about the passion of coaching it talks about passion being an emotional and not intellectual response. My passion was always to learn more, to gain more from life experience and use self-help books and mentors to grow my own portfolio. And I do. But I often feel like I am stuck in terms of how I can develop due to my personal environment, my work, my life, my current life situation.

That is not negative at all but more of a mission to constantly change the situation and personal preference and performance to gain more and learn more. The day I stop learning is the day I am dying – I believe that quote is from someone famous.

So, make the most of NOW and make sure you develop yourself and your skills every day – even if it is only little by litte.