Progress Report Colin

Colin November 09Hello,

What might sound like a chore is not. I just thought, and my wife told me off, that I haven’t given an update on Colin lately.

Last week he turned 5 months. Not only did he start to sit up, he also got his first two teeth. It is amazing to see how quickly he seems to develop once of a sudden. I helped him last weekend to start rolling over but he starts doing it himself now. He is actually turning 180 degrees in his bed to get his great grandmother’s toy. He is still so lovely when you wake him up in the morning, he looks at you, realises it is you and then puts on this big smile you just cannot resist.

And, of course he loves his hippo in the bath I was writing about yesterday. He has changed so much and is given so much more back from what he used to. I remember the first few weeks when I was struggling to see the “joy of fatherhood”. But instead, I now really love to see him grow, doing more things each day and explore things too. He is soo curious! Also, he discovered his feet, so not long now and he will be crawling all over the place.

He also started laughing a lot, crying less and properly eating. Luckily he passed the “blowing raspberry” stage whilst eating very quickly. Saves a lot of cleaning 🙂

I will shortly publish some pictures, however you can see them on my Facebook profile or on request we can send you a link to our online album. He is so gorgeous, and I am not saying it because I have to! He just brings so much joy into our life, it is amazing.

With Love,