Speed of Change

The latest book I am reading is about “Managing the speed of change” by Daryl R. Conner. Amazon lists it here.

An old friend I met on an NLP course recommended it to me in 2003 and I bought it then. Never looked at it until I remembered the book when I met up with him for the first time just a few weeks ago in London. So I thought, it is about time to read a book about change, change management and the speed of change.

I definately like this book – it describes the structure of change quite detailed, Connor talks about the Resilience that is supported by Synergy, Nature, Process, Roles, Resistance, Commitment and Culture. So dependent on those 7 support patterns, one takes change on easier or not.

When he comes to describe roles he talks about sponsors, agents and target. The sponsors are defined as the one who has the power to sanction or legitimize change. The agent is responsible for making the change and the target being the one in the group who must actually change. He adds Advocates, people who want to achieve change but have not the power to sanction it.

Depending on those roles the change process develops better or not….really, if you look at any situation where you had to change, I am 100% positive you can identify those roles. Also, very interesting is of course the behaviour and culture point of view. Being German working in an international environment I can see that cultural differences lead to behavioural (or are part of cultural) differences which then can lead to tension, misunderstanding and people not taking on the roles they were meant to. No surprise that there are people who focus purely on intercultural change or change in intercultural teams – training and developing those team by understanding their needs. A fascinating topic, don’t you think?

More soon.