Sunday Column (103)

It has been 10 days. 10 days since our latest addition, Rohan, came to us. And it has changed our life once again. Not only do we need a 4×4 pram, we also have another sleeping rhythm, or no sleep at all. Whilst it is not too bad for daddy, as Jen is breast feeding, I still wake up and mummy doesn’t sleep at all. The wee man is very hungry, wants milk all day and all night, so I am hopeful that he won’t look that skinny soon. However, the lack of sleep is causing strain of course.

Then we got a new gadget. A humidifier: it is nice to have more humidity in the room, use it to vaporize lavender incense, and the room seems to heat up quicker too. So all around another a nice gadget for the Ballueder family.

I have used the past couple of days to relax. But unfortunately there has been some work I needed to do, and get out of the way. Some things cannot be left alone. I also tried to get on top of my private todo list and worked on some productivity decks, some theories and tried to catch up with reading. But I got far less done than anticipated.

However, the main focus is around Rohan. Of course we don’t neglect his brother, but Rohan has the main priority. Every time I look at him, I must think of the movie “Benjamin Button”. Not only is Rohan a lot skinnier than his brother was, he also looks very old. Like an old man. When I look into his eyes I wonder how many years he has been here. Maybe just a Buddhist dream to think where his mind might have come from? He looks experienced. Knowledgable. As if he has lived many lives before. That cannot be as the body is new but I wonder where he is coming from. And where he is going to, of course.

But he also gives daddy a new challenge: time. I have been saying once RW is here, I go back to the gym, work less hours and help my wife. At least at the beginning. Will I keep it? Maybe not. I need to find a place and time to work on myself, both physically but also mentally. But I also want to find the time to spend with the boys. This is often before I go to work with Colin, but with Rohan it will be easier at the beginning to see him at night. Once he gets older, there is the greater challenge.

Hence my plan is to integrate my gym sessions into my working hours. I could have done that previously but never really thought I find the time or the space. But with new staff and another reason to stay fit, I think it is time to do that now. It will also increase productivity. So that is on my agenda.

I also would like to use the commute more effectively in terms or reading, brain storming and working on my self development goals.

These are the first 2 steps of some more serious long-term goals. Easy steps, baby steps and stepping stoned. Exercise and breaks at work and more productivity on the commute.

Whilst of course this isn’t all triggered by the newest addition, RW give me another great motivation to get going.

I am back at work this week Wednesday, so the quiet times are over.

Love and Kindness,