Sunday Column (111)

Another week, and another week where I anticipated to write a few blog posts but never got around doing it. Monday I was in the office until late, and same on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday I made it home for bathing time and spend a few hours afterwards catching up on things. To say the least, we are busy.

Latter is not a bad thing, and I am not moaning. I enjoy what I am doing, who I am doing it with and what our company and my work is all about. It is great. Really.

Just on Friday I went to the nma live event and saw how much buzz is in the industry. I try to summarise my thoughts on RTB and use of several DSP technologies at another blog post later this week. If I have time. But the buzz and interest is amazing. We are part of a new striving part of the online marketing industry. It is just fantastic and mind blowing at times.

Now enough about work. Colin finally got his 2nd set of molars through, so hopefully he’ll be less grumpy. Rohan slept a bit more this week, maybe because of his injections. After we couldn’t visit our friends due to Colin not being well, other friends of ours couldn’t visit us this weekend because their little one wasn’t well. The joys and pain of having kids, but you wouldn’t want to trade them for anything in the world.

I still strongly believe that if you don’t have kids, you are missing out: mainly on the pain and strain and the challenges life brings. Your food bills would still be the same in 10 years time, your house still the same size and your carpet would look like new. Seriously, whilst I never was fussed to have kids, I couldn’t imagine or wanting to imagine my life without them.

There hasn’t been much else happening. We are trying a new food routine to loose weight. Our take away bill got too high and I noticed the wine cellar emptying on a more regular basis. So we are all set to make it work this time to shed a few pounds. Not that custard crème cookies in the office help much 😉

We are positive, happy and content. Our new sofa should arrive this week, Easter is upon us and hopefully a lot of reunions with friends. If the kids don’t get sick…

So onwards and upwards. Time is there to live and enjoy. And we do. Also I spoke to my long time friend Marc today, and that we had our 16th birthday party together at his house, smoked roll ups with Fisherman Friends and got someone to avoid alcohol poisining by giving him salty water to spew. Yes, we remember, only 8 years ago. Oups…18!

Are we getting old? In all fairness, I haven’t been sick of booze for a long time, not had a roll up for many many years and generally, yes I am getting more settled.

Time just moves on, that is for certain.

Have a great week,