Sunday Column (131)

What a fantastic week we had. Monday was bank holiday and little Colin and I went to pick up “nanny” from Kings Cross. He loved going on the train, then on the tube, then to Starbucks for a milkshake, and then of course meeting “nanny”. He is very taken by her, and loves her being here. It just shows that our decision to stay in the UK was the right one!

So my MIL is staying with us, and she is helping us a lot. My wife and I went out for a meal on Friday night. We of course had some wine. After my detox I have been quite a lightweight. A glass on Tuesday night made me rather tipsy. Also, I lost interest in alcohol a bit, particularly beer. How long will that last for, I don’t know.

We also got off on Saturday for a quick shopping spree in London whilst the MIL watched the boys. Fantastic!

Rohan is getting cuter by the day. His blond hair and blue eyes get him a lot of attention. Whilst writing this post he is crawling backwards across the living room. Not long and he will be up to lots of mischief.

We then made our own kebabs this weekend. Not too bad for a first time. It is all plan of a healthier lifestyle by knowing which meat and food goes into your kebab. We are in for a lot of change. One of many is a potential move next year. We got our house evaluated and are quite chuffed that prices have recovered, at least we should break even (minus the fees). The next few months we will look at Ofsted reports for schools, areas to live in, visit places and then decide what to do. My aim is to move by Christmas 2012 but we shall see. We are in no rush.

Besides that there hasn’t been much else going on. Lots of work but that is all good. We are recruiting for three new staff, so exciting times going into Q4. There is lots of things happening in the industry too, new technologies, new companies entering the market, and dmexco coming up. That show and the Ad Trading summit will see a lot of folk coming over to London.

I need to say that I really love my industry. It has been a good move over 5 years ago to join online and digital marketing. It is exciting to be part of new technologies and services entering this still young industry. The right move, the right decision. I am loving it 🙂 So let’s see what new announcements will be made in the next few months with the trade shows coming up.

A nice week, a busy week. I am very happy at the moment, knowing that the effort I put in is paying off. One by one.

Have a fantastic (maybe) sunny next week…. 🙂