Sunday Column (155)

Weeks seem to pass quicker and quicker. I finally made up my mind regarding phones and got myself the ultimate iPhone4s. The difference between an Android and an iPhone is significant. Whilst the battery life is not much better, the usability is a lot better. I remember moving from a Blackberry to Android. That was a great step, things were good. Now it seems like another step up. As I keep the HTC as a work phone I get the best of both worlds….

I don’t want to speak too much about work. The reasons are simple, there is too much happening with the integration of our new owner. Exciting times, exciting position and visions. I keep learning and developing which is very important for me. March will see a lot of travelling again, and I am looking forward to it. I think this year is going to be very exciting and fantastic. I am glad to be part of it!

Also this week I had another unhealthy lifestyle. Too much wine, too many lunches and dinners…I cannot wait to move and get my very own treadmill in the garage to counter balance that. I should eat a lot healthier too. But just getting some exercise on a regular basis will make a huge difference. Fingers crossed.

With the work load and the kiddies going to bed around 7ish, I haven’t managed to see them at night time at all this week. So weekends are getting more and more important for me. Time to catch up with the boys! Being able to turn work off completely gives me a new feeling. I still check the emails and prepare things on a Sunday night, but not having your emails on your personal phone makes a huge difference. I should have done that a lot earlier.

Anyway, the weekend was great. I managed to clear out the loft a bit and got my wife a birthday present. Pandora: a clever idea. You buy your wife a bracelet and in order to fill it up with charms completely you keep buying those little charms. For mothers day, Christmas, or any occasion really. A very clever business idea I have to say. I am impressed.

Next weekend is the big birthday… I have a few days off too. Catching up with my 2011 holidays. I hope we can go away and have a nice lunch with the boys somewhere. The car does come in handy even if you are inclined to drive like a taxi driver when hearing the engine. It’s just not a fancy SUV ๐Ÿ™ It just fulfils the purpose of a family car.

One last thing I noticed today. Cafe Giardino, a chain for “fresh healthy food”, naturally good, heats the lasagne and pasta in the microwave rather than serving fresh food as they claim. Their sandwiches look box standard, no chips are available probably because they would need a kitchen.

Maybe not the best thing to mention after an unhealthy week, but if restaurants rely on microwaves in order to serve natural good food, then I am not surprised that we have a lot of diseases and illnesses traced back to our lifestyle.

You can see, I am in the process of changing my food once again. Every few months (the experienced reader has noticed the pattern by now) I look at the amount of take aways, coffee and alcohol I consume. Latter is actually not too bad but the take aways and coffees are particular bad recently. Hence last night I ordered some new herbal teas. Change is good!

Have a great week. Based on the discussions I had this week there are more people reading my blog than anticipated. You guys never really comment ๐Ÿ™ Anyway, I am glad to have a readership and to answer the burning question: no we don’t know yet when we move. But, we got rid of the wasp nest in the loft ๐Ÿ™‚