Sunday Column (163)

Let me start with the family this week. Easter was fantastic and with the slow uptake after Easter I got a chance to be home for bath time one night and with fantastic weather we had a great picnic this weekend.

Just yesterday Colin was very sweet. He has some kind of virus infection and isn’t in the best form. However, I jumped in the bath with Rohan and he was waiting for me to get out. So he asked if I need a towel. I said in German that I need a “bath towel”, e.g. Badetuch, rather than the “hand towel” he was pointing at. His answer was “I know daddy”. This is great. We also got some new noise books from Usborne and he couldn’t stop laughing at the farting monster 🙂 You can have conversations with him now. He tells you about things he has done or he has seen. Things that happened or what he likes. Rohan on the other hand is difficult. Wiggly when being changed, unresponsive when being fed. I cannot wait until they are both over 3 years old but wouldn’t want to miss the current stage in the world.

I never thought I developed into such a family guy. I am glad. I really enjoy it. But I also think that two are enough. We are so lucky having two healthy fantastic boys. I don’t want to chance it, and I don’t want to start all over again. I guess in many respects I am going extreme. With kids I think I am moderate for once.

Facebook: I felt almost awkward asking someone to be “my friend” on Facebook this week. Sounds coy and funny but actually it was a client. When I first started with Facebook I was adding everyone I know but recently applied the rule of people only being my friend on Facebook if I was to invite them to my birthday party. But I am glad, tying in with last week’s comment, that I find friends and mates within the industry.

Now on to something else. Sport, health, fitness, food. My wife insisted on us putting up our treadmill in the living room. So after Easter I started a 3 week programme myself. I even had to get new trainers and hope that I have less problems and pain in my ligaments in my foot/chins. Fingers crossed that by end of May I will be able to run 30 minutes in one go, be more fit and about 5 kg lighter. This all goes in line with better food, less alcohol and more “taking care of my body”.

Last but not least we had an industry networking event this week. Without wanting to drill into detail it was good to get some new industry gossip. And I was thinking back to “Games of Thrones” whilst talking to some folk. There is one elected king, someone / a company that seems to rule the ecosystem. But there is also a king in the background, someone / a company everyone follows and rules without being officially king.

Never mind. Things are odd but good I suppose. I am off to Germany next week, then travelling a whole lot during May. In June I should move and visit a friend’s wedding. And before I know it, it is Christmas 😉

Better stop.

Have a good one,