Sunday Column (177)

Writing my Sunday Column is more a “Friday on my way home from work task”. I often write it up on Fridays and then add the weekend as and if it is interesting. This Friday I was off and thanks to my wife got some work done on the house, spend less time with the kids than anticipated but instead got some “me time”. So that was nice. Time for me to return the favour some time soon.

Anyway, this week my thoughts were all over the shop. 20120720-152536.jpg Yes, this picture tells a story of an excellent wine, and a good chat my wife and I had over this bottle. Direction. Family. House. Life in general. My Buddhist friend always said whatever you decide in life you will get the right challenges and end up where the universe wants you to be. The greater good? The greater god? The great unconscious in the universe?

Actually I was asking to meet a few folk this week and were thinking about meeting someone I haven’t seen for a long time. A day later I met him in the tube, then got a phone call from someone else I was thinking of. Maybe weird but beautiful. You ask for something and the universe replies.

It made me think if everyone says they are happy with 2 million as a lottery win, then maybe I should ask for 10 million 😉 You know what I mean? Maybe I get a tad too crazy out there but I believe in the power of unconscious and that all answers are out there in the universe ready to be tapped on.

Stephen Covey died this week. Anthony Robbins wrote a post about the 7 habits of highly effective people. One of my first management training books I ever read. A no brainier really. Well done, Stephen, you left this world having made a difference.

This reminds me of Steve Jobs. 20120720-153632.jpg I got his “making a dent in the universe quote” on the back of my personal business cards. I love it. It becomes a mantra. To make a difference, to be better. Not to make more money or be more crazy but to leave this world in a better state than when you arrived. If everyone could make a small dent, a small improvement, we would all be better off!

For me this is bringing up my two boys to be good and friendly citizens, smart and hopeful capable of making their dent. We somehow carry a responsibility with us. A responsibility to maintain and improve. I want to make this dent. And I will too. Not quite yet but eventually.

So you see I was thinking a lot. I was given some time. The weather is still awful. Our house got a new wardrobe, linoleum in the garage, some paint and a hole in the kitchen ceiling repaired. And my weight bench arrived too.

We are getting there.

The weekend was good to. We went to a networking family event in Kent courtesy to Fortune Cookies, and we went to Brighton to get my wife’s iPhone repaired. The weather was great and we spend good family time together.

Exciting times 🙂

All the best for next week,