Sunday Column (179)

The Olympics seem to dominate London’s life. Transport so far had been little affected, at least for our guys in the office journeys to work are ok. The odd lateness and leaving early but nothing out of the extraordinary if that makes sense. We expected worse.


I was asked a couple of times which team I support. Really, I am not overly interested in the Olympics despite the fact they are happening in London. Whilst it might be a chance of a lifetime to go and watch an event, I am really not interested. Maybe sad but that’s the way it is. And if I had to cheer for a team, believe it or not, I would cheer for team GB. I arrived.

Btw arriving. You probably saw that we got our front and back door now. Finally peace. A few more decisions like garden, heating, decorating and loft insulation but that should be it. Now we are looking at the inside. Decoration, efficiency, warmth, beauty. My wife, and to a certain extent myself, are fed up. 8 weeks of constantly managing builders, receiving quotes, doing DIY. But we got there at the end. Look at what we all achieved. Life is good. The kids settling in. We feel home. We are happy!

Regarding the Olympics I found a great article about what it means from a coaching perspective.

For every Olympic gold medalist there is a team of trainers, coaches, parents, friends and supporters that encouraged and challenged them through the stretching and growth process. And for each one of our greatest accomplishments in life and work there is a story and group of people that made it possible.
If we try to stretch ourselves without the support of others we either won’t go very far or we’re likely to snap.
But when we have support and encouragement we are able to stretch ourselves and reach farther than we ever thought possible.

I see this at work. Summer months are slower in terms of revenue. But having the support structure, mentors, co-workers and good managers, coaches or family of course, will give you and each individual a support team to achieve your goals and aspirations.

It is like being a dad. I was made consciously aware this week how much Colin wants to be like his dad. Starting from the underpants. Of course you know about that. Kids using their parents as role models. But wait a second, that is me. I have this responsibility of what my kids want to be like. I cannot have a cigar around them or get drunk. I cannot shout at someone or be rude. I am in charge of my own life and the development of two little people.

And you know what? It is fantastic. You can be a mentor, trainer and coach. Every day. Every night. Hopefully for another 30 odd years. A helper, friend, buddy, dad. A mentor. A role model. A leader.

That is what I enjoy. That gives me inner satisfaction. That is what makes me tick, this gets me excited. I love to manage and coach. I arrived.

Team VB.

This week concluded a roller coaster ride. Nothing I’d disclose here but I am working on a few challenges. They make me stronger, smarter, better. So it is good.

My sleeping routine will change again. After a week of looking at my hours of sleep versus my energy level I believe 6 hours are my optimum. So this gives me another hour to work on stuff.

Have a fantastic week.