Sunday Column (195)

I was off for a few days early this week. So a quick one really. An action loaded week. Kind of.

Let me start off with Monday. More decorating, more DIY, more quality time with the boys. That plus a Tuesday in Brighton in Sealife where we now have a yearly membership really helped bonding with the boys. I don’t know what it is but probably just being properly off, eg no work, nothing urgent to do and the wife being busy decorating, that those days I were off helped me to bond with them. A truly enjoyable time.

I believe, and that is thanks to my wife, that we concluded most work on the house for the foreseeable future. I enjoyed spending time with her and my parents too. We couldn’t do it without the family support at all.


One thing I picked up from going to Sealife though was the great question of evolution or “grand design”. Or the combination of both: survival of the fittest (Darwin). If an Octopus looks like a spider, are they related? If a turtle lives for 150 years, does that mean it survives anything and everything else. Is that because it is so slow or is it because it is that slow, that it lives that long? Do you know what I mean?

I am still fascinated with those questions and they get triggered each time I go to Sealife or similar. It brings back memories of discussions with my physics and biology teacher when I was an exchange student in the USA 18 years ago. He was a Christian and part time preacher too. Those moments when you start discussing the worlds’ problems. When you start thinking about the meaning of life and how unimportant oneself seems to be in the universe. Crazy, ey?

To tie this over I met my old friend on Thursday who similar to me spend a year as an exchange student at the same school in Kansas. I haven’t seen her for 18 years. Wow. A good conversation, a catch up on life, a meet and greet, as well as a thought on “the times were crazy, the experience shaped our lives, and we are glad that we did it”. What would have been if we hadn’t gone?

In these moments I sometimes like to withdraw myself a bit from the world. To go into the corner, sit in the dark, meditate and think. What if? What had happened if…? How much of a difference does an individual make? Will I be able to be a big cog in the overall clockwork? Will I make the bell ring?

Yes. The simple answer is yes. That is because I like to concentrate on the important things. I have a plan fuelled by actions. I have an idea. I take steps in the right direction. I am back running on my treadmill, my back is getting better and I feel I get traction. Yeah!

I get my energy back. I have plans. I am on track. I went to another networking event, I managed to increase my fellowship on twitter, I got new contacts on LinkedIn, I made a difference in some one else’s life today. Did you?


For some part since I did my back in, and I have been mentioning it here, things almost gave me a gloomy outlook. Ok, it wasn’t all that bad. Life is a lot better than most people’s. However, I seemed to have lost momentum a bit. Not struggling, but going at the speed of sound starting to rotate. A “Baumgartner moment” that lasted a bit longer 😉 now it is time to kick ass again. I am ready to fight, be there, get there and smash my goals. I am more motivated than ever for what is there to come!

To relate to the picture on the right. I believe everyone is confronted with this in life. Those moments when you run around the mountain. The moments when your inbox is so empty that you check it very 2 minutes. Doesn’t last long. You need to climb the mountain. Again and again. For you, for your ego.

I will always be a “mountain climber“. A team leader going to the peak. Leading. Managing the team, it’s expectations. Constantly trying to improve performance and productivity to free up more time for new projects. I enjoy that. The higher the peak, the greater the challenge, the better my performance.

Looks like 2013 has a few mountains to climb. I better get ready and get my gear packed.

Have a great week,