Sunday Column (209)

What a busy week. Not only did I have a lot of meetings, including lunches and a function, I had to sort a lot of stuff out. GTD, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, helps a lot to stay on top of emails and everyday business. But hey, I guess that’s what I get paid for.


I have also been tired this week. But before I have a long moan, look at the weather. It is spring, still a bit cold, but spring is in the air. Of course I am tired. Slowly back on the treadmill, spring air and busy schedules make you tired. On the other hand I decided what kind of Mountain Bike I am going to get. Still looking for bargains but got a back up plan to be executed by Easter latest. Progress on all ends.

Or maybe not on all ends. Not sure if you have seen Mary & Martha on BBC iPlayer but I watched it on Monday. Not the greatest or most innovative story, it pointed out two essential points:

– we have a lot of money in the developed world and by giving very little we can improve the lives of many more in the developing world
– family, love for your family and happiness is by far more important than anything else in life, no matter what you think; we often don’t realise it

I don’t want to sound dramatic. Nevertheless, I started thinking, way before that movie, to do more on the charity side of thing. I probably can make a decision next week on that, latest by Easter. I also made the decision to live and eat healthier, that is where my fast and exercise routine comes in.

I haven’t given up on my career or work plans, because I enjoy what I am doing. And I am making progress. Opinion pieces, conference speaking engagement, networking events etc. I am moving in the right direction, keeping the end in mind. Enjoying it.

It throws up a lot of questions of course. Whether you take a few steps towards your goal each week, if you have a goal and whether it is the right one. And of course it would. Some people don’t have a goal, are not sure whether they move in the right direction and whether they enjoy what they are doing. Maybe I am just making this up. Maybe I just think I know. But even if, I still move in the right direction and make progress, because as long as I make progress it is the right direction. If I looked back, then I would look in the direction I am NOT going to. What’s the point?

Progress on the treadmill slowed down at the end of the week. I felt more exhausted and tired, thinking I am coming down with something. I didn’t drink all week until Thursday, when I went to a networking event. It was ok but not amazing. You were forced to drink a lot, e.g. they started boozing you up from 1 pm to better network. I wasn’t too convinced and didn’t drink as much as some others, but met some interesting and relevant people. Just the whole concept of forced “easiness” doesn’t work for me.

So this week has been the busiest this year so far. Lots of positive things happening and new developments. Good progress with my extracurricular activities, and whilst I still like to meet one group, I do believe I made up my mind. Never mind.


At the weekend I took Rohan swimming. Same as I took Colin swimming last weekend, I had daddy time with Rohan this week. Fantastic. Also, we went over to friends’ for a great afternoon on Saturday. And we had a dog.

No, not our dog but we were babysitting a Collie over the weekend because friends of ours went away. It took some time for the boys to get used to it but overall it encouraged me to definitely get a dog for the family. We will be looking into one I guess 🙂 C is rather afraid as the Collie is too big and has big teeth. R absolutely loved him. So maybe another year, maximum of two. We all like having one but it is a huge commitment compared to a cat.

That kind of sums up the week. Busy but good, exhausted but happy.

Have a great week,