Sunday Column (215)

This week has been an interesting one. I finally got over (most of) the viral infections and felt a lot better. It has been warmer also with some patches of rain but lots of garden time for the kids already. All that is great. Sunshine in Eastbourne and open windows at night. Spring is in the air. Coffees outside.


On Monday, as normal these days, I spend the whole day in internal meetings catching up on everything. On Tuesday I attended a conference in Eastbourne, speaking, meeting and discussing top level as well as granular digital strategies and trends. I met a lot of cool, interesting, useful, inspiring and helpful people. The only issue is that you normally drink too much and by the time you are home on Wednesday, you just try to frantically catch up with two days of work. All well worth it.

I kept my Thursday as clear as possible but had to prepare a speaking engagement for next week. Whilst I love doing this, presenting and being at conferences, I never get too much sales done like I used to. Deep down I am a sales person, the hunter and go-getter. However, over the past 3-5 years I transformed more into the senior person, manager, country manager who coaches, develops successful high performance teams, joins high level meetings and talks to the CEOs and MDs. I like it. Yet, when you built a company and have done every job from connecting servers or putting cables down robbing on your knees, you are so more connected to the overall progress and guts of the company. Hands on I would write in a CV, and above reads a bit like one. But it is true. As many people in our industry you get approached and reflect on what you have, and I love the company I am working for. I would say that of course but we came a long way and will go a long way too. I love RTB 🙂

As you can see this week was very work dominated. On Thursday I met an old uni friend I haven’t seen for at least four or five years. Time flies. You know when you pick up a conversation after so many years and think you just spoke to the person yesterday? That is what it is like with Mr. N. What a good catch up. What a great friend. He also might move down to London. This would be very nice.

On the overall side of life, it is a bit of rock’n roll at the moment. Some things falling apart, some things being pulled back together. Weird stuff happening. But life is good. Some cycling, soon I go running again, a massage and chilling out. Playing times with the boys and cuddles at night. Good movies, dirty food, and sunsets. What else can you wish for sometimes. It is on bad days, comparing it to my friend I spoke to this weekend, like you are at home and hiding in your rabbit hole, just cuddling with the boys and doing family stuff. You forget about everything and anything and then you are back out there during the week. I guess that’s normal. So many dads do it. I still find it complicated to understand and live.


Anyway, no place like sunset whilst you are on the train home seeing the Ouse Valley Viaduct throwing a shadow across an English valley with oak trees. That is when I know I get closer to home and when I know it is time to chill out and relax (in my rabbit hole). That is home, that is the reason I commute. I love this peace and quiet, the peace I couldn’t get in London. A bit like the shire.

At the weekend we had friends from Essex visiting who we haven’t seen in ages. Again, the busier you get with family, work, growing up and daily business, the more you loose touch to the important friends. So good to see we make it an annual or bi-annual occasion to catch up with our friends. Maybe my 40th will get all of our friends together. From all walks of life, across the globe. A long way to go of course 🙂

Next week is another busy schedule. I look forward to it. But hopefully I’ll be home before midnight on Friday. I hate travelling Friday night. I really like being home for bed time one day a week. And that is normally Fridays. Never mind, there are always exceptions.

That’s probably all folks.
Colin got his bike. So tha’s another job done.

Have a good one.