Sunday Column (242)

This week has been the quickest for a while. But first things first. No panic, my mother didn’t join Facebook, however, my wife joined twitter. Please follow @jennyballueder for updates on her latest venture: baby photography. I am hoping for a blog post introducing the concept and sharing some samples I can share with the wider community here. She has started with some shoots this week which were amazing! And whilst I would say that, the feedback she gets from others is overwhelming. My wife becomes a business woman! #veryproud #excited

What a new beginning. Me helping my wife get off the ground, stressful times, setting things up, doing it right from the beginning, hitting the ground running. Start up advisor. That is what I do, who I am. I enjoy this fast pace environment, putting strategies and business plans together, making people money. And ultimately, hopefully one day, make some money for myself πŸ™

So here I am. A late running train messed up my Monday night, drinks in the local with a parents (dads only) initiative for school, Rotary on Wednesday, a catch up on Thursday with friends and the Hassocks’ dads’ night out Friday. Supporting my wife, MIL visiting, ill children, feeling under the weather myself….the list goes on. This week was FULL ON. With lack of sleep carrying over from the past few weeks, I feel drained. Simply ready for a holiday. I got a lie in on Saturday though.


However, you keep going. I have this deep and inner drive to succeed and learn. Maybe I should have been a teacher? Or a coach? Then again I am a coach, also just hired a coach for some more improvement work for myself. Exciting times ahead! I am really looking forward working with him.

I was wondering, and still am, whether I should treat myself to the latest iPad Air. Not because I need to but I would like to. We shall see. The new design is slick, fast and a beauty. If I think back to my first touch screen device, the palm with stylus, the development has been amazing. Yet I ordered the Evernote stylus this week, to be shipped from the US in three weeks time. A bit geeky yet hopefully an amazing tool! I would love to draw and “think” more on my iPad. But never mind….

What else has happened this week? I had engaging conversations with people around data, USPs, offline and online connections. Connecting the dots sums up the more intellectual stimulating conversations I had. We are living in exciting times around data, analysis, analytics and use of data trying to explain what and who and why we are. I write a bit about that on iMedia this week with more publications to come shortly. Life is very exciting though, full of opportunities. And 3D printing, of food and body parts, might be reality in a few years time. Startrek? We shall see.

Whilst I am writing this I pass Gatwick in the dark. The planes and the airport are lit in a glossy, shiny light. I get a bit romantic, thinking of those night flights I used to do and enjoy. Whilst I like to stay home, travelling across Europe has an appeal. Only if I have to go from London to the North or taking flights not from Gatwick I get apprehensive to make sure I don’t land too late and cannot make it home to my loved ones. Coming home is always the best bit, the hugs, kisses and the feeling of putting your bum into your own sofa πŸ™‚ this now happens on a Saturday morning because I hardly see the kiddies during the week.


The weekend was quiet. A fantastic night out with the Hassocks’ crowd of men and dads, realising we all have the same challenges, feelings and discussions about the commute, work life balance, wives, marriages and children. Likeminded people in a small community. What else to wish for?

We are bracing ourselves for the a great storm that is supposed to come our way tonight and tomorrow. Most probably transport will be disrupted and knowing the British railway system, I will be stuck at home on Monday. Fingers crossed I have electricity and internet πŸ™‚

That’s really it folks. Let’s hope I can get down to exercising again next week, overcome the man flu and the kids enjoying half term with Nanny. I am off work on Friday, hoping for an additional day with the two. And the wife of course πŸ™‚

Buddha bless, stay safe during the storm.