Sunday Column (245)

This week has been somewhat sentimental. There are few reasons for it. It is hard to describe a man’s feeling needing to go to the train, running late in your own mind, starting to stress when upstairs you hear a “daddy” call. And just this split second to run up the stairs and giving your four year old a hug and a kiss because he hasn’t seen you for two days, makes your day. It makes you run for your train. It makes you sad too. One likes to be with the little ones all the time yet they need to understand that daddy works. They need to understand, and will understand. However, give them a few more years and they couldn’t care less whether you are at home or not.

I really enjoy being a dad. At the weekend we made Pizzateig, mum cooked with them some roast chicken, we went swimming and had lots of fun at bath time and we read lots of bed time stories. I guess my priorities are changing for the better. The clear cut between being in the moment with the kids, and the moment working or doing something else. We are getting there.

Life. I suppose life is just like that. I am reading Ayrton Senna’s biography, and he says in one paragraph that ‘kids fully engage in the moment, don’t think about the next hour, are fully concentrated in the here and now’. How right he is. A very emotional person, a very concentrated person and passionate about what he does. It is true that only children really fully live the moment by nature. Adults have to learn that again. How often do I see me distracted in a short 30 minute meeting even? How often can I not keep my thoughts clear and focused in my head? My head is spinning and I need to calm down, organise myself. Information overload, trying to do too many things at a time. That’s probably true for most people in my generation.

Senna no limit

Today would have been Oma’s birthday – 102 would have been her age. She never wanted to live to a hundred, yet looking at the pictures of her when she was younger, in her 50ies, there is a aura around her. The “Wirtschaftswunder” years, economic wonders would be the literal translation. In the 50/60ies when Germany was rebuilt after the war. She was one of them who through hard work, passion and dedication to her family made things a bit better for the people around her. She was a good person. I like to believe that I inherited some of that from her, yet still trying to refine it. Buddha bless.

It summarises for me two things. Concentrate and get on with your shit. And I am doing exactly that. I am refining a few things with my coach at the moment to then move things forward more concentrated and better than ever before. I am very proud of my wife who has done exactly that: baby photography. She is awesome!

I seemed a lot of calm this week. There are weeks when you just need to withdraw yourself from activities to focus on your wife, yourself, your life. I have been ill with colds and coughs and flu for the past few weeks. Because of that I couldn’t exercise, losing my balance a bit. I am determined to go back to my exercise routine. I miss the balance. Interesting how one notices. There is something missing. 2014 will be the best year ever. How do I know? I just do.

There have to be a few decisions to be made before Xmas. A few things refined and coached. I am ready to change, the next steps. My wife reviewed a personality test I did. She thought it was accurate. I feel like cleaning, tidying up a room, getting rid of old books, picking up a few tools, changing the picture at the wall. Year end I guess.

Maybe I get into my mid life crisis realising how important certain things are over others. And maybe I am willing to stand up for it now. Thanks to a little change on my Linkedin profile I ended up with lots of attention for my book on productivity. You find the link to the right. I am very proud of the achievement and hope it will help a few people. Yet, I already plan my next one. Maybe I can fit that in for 2014 too.

Anyway, I maybe should be stopping here. Enough said. Enough sentimental thoughts shared.
Time to put some thoughts together and set some goals.

Yeah! Let’s go for it.

Have a great week,