Sunday Column (340)

Next week I will be travelling again. A big UK conference, then the biggest online marketing exhibition in Germany, dmexco. 20 meetings scheduled. Lots of friends and partners to meet. This is going to be fun presenting ourselves for the first time since the merger as a combined company. I keep you posted next week.

However, the greatest thing this week was R starting school. Now our two boys are in school. It is an odd feeling, particularly for the wife, to have free time and no one around. Yet it is nice to see them being tired, challenged and full on. They are very proud to be at school and enjoy learning. Whilst R was a bit apprehensive I am confident he will settle in. Didn’t we all?

It is a bit like fitting a square peg into a round hole. A child from play to serious learning, step by step, they are made to follow a routine and system. I am not too certain if I fully agree with that, however at least in our country they are educated to free speech and open thinking, being able to form their own opinion. This is something I strongly encourage. Also, compared to Germany, I like the school uniforms, so no one actually looks richer or poorer than their pals, making class differences obsolete, focusing on the character and education. And if they continue to associate learning with fun, I am a happy dad!

For me it is like the first step of letting go. Next is college, then university if they wish. Then they will go all independent and we can only guide them to a certain extend. As a friend of mine, whose last child just graduated from uni, said: my job is done here, they are now grown up. Yet of course we still seek our parent’s advice as long as we live. Support, love, and of course when we have kids, we like the grandparents to help. The cycle of life. No progression in technology will stop us from those basic life principles.

99 success

In other news, the latest iPhone was announced, an even bigger iPad. A more sophisticated entertainment machine, aka Apple TV, and sure there is more to come early next year. Luckily I am due an upgrade, so plan is to get the new iPhone week after next, then exchange my current ipad for an ipad mini…and maybe the iWatch for my birthday…we shall see.

I am sometimes wondering what the future holds. Technology wise, whether we will have a chip implanted that pays for things or tracks our whole body’s chemistry? I stopped paying with cash as much as I can and it is a lot easier than I thought. Of course, as a Buddhist, I should focus on the now rather than dwell on the past or future. Yet, one must be allowed to think what the boys will do for a living, what their work will look like, what our retirement will be like and whether we make it at all to retirement age? Not doom and gloom, but diseases, technology advancement, and accidents might kill us before we even got a chance to finish off our bucket list.

We don’t know. And that is how it should be. Being able to influence it a little bit by eating healthily, exercising and doing our part, we might just be ok. Let’s hope so and stay positive, and focus on the present moment. Let us tick off those items on the bucket list as we go along and let’s not aim too high. Maybe we keep a few we never achieve, just so we never run out of ideas and goals. Something that keeps us going.

That’s it really for the week. Enjoy life as it is.

Have a great week,