Sunday Column (71)

I don’t believe it’s Sunday. Whilst this phrase sounds so familiar, and yes I did have a stressful week, I also made it through probably one of the hottest weeks I had in the UK since I arrived here not short of 9 years ago.

What a heat! This week I travelled to Ipswich for a meeting, I moved offices and sweated the last drop of fluid out of my body carrying boxes, furniture and myself up and down our new office, 4th floor in Windmill Street. You can find the new location by just putting “mexad UK” into Google maps:

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Now that this is done, we can grow our team even further. I am very excited about the opportunities.

On the family side of things there was some movement. I write that before having the final discussion with my wife, but I allowed Colin to climb the chest in our living room last week. I admit I even encouraged him a bit, but really, I think that is fine. I didn’t know my wife tried to tell him off for that, and I think Colin used “climbing the chest” to play my wife against me. Glad we noticed it and sorted it. Now we are a united front to bring up our son….which is very important from a educational point of view. And that is meant very seriously, as you don’t want to have one parent allowing something that the other forbids.

Today is the 4th of July. America will be having BBQs all over the place, celebrating Independence Day. How nice, just hope they have the same nice weather we had all week. Happy Independence Day!

Then there was another Germany game in the world cup. I believe, after beating Argentina, we can now go all the way. Remember, you heard it here first. From what I have seen, the Spaniards (sorry O) won’t stop us, so it seems we might be playing our other arch rival, the Netherlands, in the final. Fingers crossed.

Maybe one more word. Last night we sat down. Nice food: baguette, olives, cheese, a very good wine etc. I really enjoyed that, and we haven’t done that for a long time. We also went swimming with Colin which he truly enjoyed. It is great to see him grow up and noticing how he develops. He often looks to me for approval and his little character is changing daily. My wife just said that she noticed him putting things away, e.g. sorting things. I guess it is typical for his age, but still a very much fascinating fact for us.

Last but not least I made history this weekend – or I destroyed it. I burned my diaries from when I was 10-13, which after reading them again, didn’t have too much content in there. It shows, from a pure personal development point of view, certain behaviours that I have struggled with, and it is interesting where some of them began. So a part of my own life, another chapter I closed to better live in the now.

Let next week be a bit less stressful, and having a good time with the boy.