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Sunday Column (148)

HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope you started the New Year off well. All the best for 2012. Let’s continue with my 2011 review rather than trying to predict anything for 2012 and tell you that I want to loose more weight, eat healthier and spend more time with the family…. Half time – July saw our first family holiday to the New Forest. Whilst only for a week it was great to get out. I gave up on my “precious moments” posts. Google+ launched, I went to Germany, and did a whole lot of things in one month. Going through the archive, this has been a busy month with on average 1 blog post a day! In August I gave up drinking. Also, I was bored and thought a lot about my life and directions. I love those months where you have time for doing that. The thought sticking in my mind is that some people just come into your life for a reason, for a limited time or forever. One other highlight of what we did was to join MyDaddyCooks at a show at London Bridge. September kick started the season of shows. dmexco in Germany and ATS (Ad

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Sunday Column (147)

MERRY CHRISTMAS. Another year. Another 12 months, 365 days or 8,760 hours of life. How lucky are we? Many people didn’t survive the past 12 months for whatever reasons. Steve Jobs of course comes first to my mind as he had a huge impact on me this year. Or Vaclav Havel who died just a week ago. I was lucky, no family member or close friend passed away. But life is not about the ones that died but about what you experienced and what you learned and of course what you are going to make out of it. Positive outlooks, the now and the future. Let’s not be morbid but full of joy and look at what 2011 brought us…and ultimately what 2012 might have in stock for us. January saw the last month of Jen’s pregnancy. A time, as everyone could imagine, that is full of emotions, tears, fun, and a toddler that can be annoying at times. Not only did I write my 100th Sunday Column, I also wrote about Cancer and Death in the same month. Are we back to the morbid topics? No, the post about that I may die today was a Buddhist thought on

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Happy New Year Column – 2011

Another year. More goals. More reviews and more expectations. WTF – why not just carry on as it is? A year ago I wrote: “… I imagine sitting here in 12 months time, reflecting on 2010. Wouldn’t it be nice to say that I successfully launched a new company in the UK market, that my wife gave birth to a second child, that all of my family is healthy and that I managed to work on my personal development, also had time to give something back by supporting a charity. Maybe these are modest goals, but that is all I wish for.” Now, here I am. 12 months on. I successfully launched a new company in the UK market, my wife is about to give birth, everyone is well, but I was short of one thing last year: T-I-M-E. And, I don’t think it is going to change in 2011. Of course, 2011, I want to do more sports. I know I have to incorporate exercise in my daily routine, lose weight, get fit, get rid of my back pain and get fit again. Not only for me but also for the kids. I have to stop overeating, stop smoking

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