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Sunday Column (258)

The week started with Rohan’s 3rd birthday party. It was fantastic. I never realised how much I enjoy kids’ sweets, cleaning up and enjoying to watch a 3 year old unwrapping presents. Their innocence, ignorance, excitement (all in a good sense) is amazing, heart melting. Never before had I more of a desire to pause time and just enjoy a moment forever. As cheesy as it might sound I really enjoy the boys at their current age. Building and playing hot wheels. It is their main thing and sometimes, when they are still asleep and I am up during the week, I catch myself setting up the course or putting a car through the loop. The remote control car gets more used by me than anyone else 🙂 My life focus has changed. Not so much my commitment to either family or work, but thanks to my coach I enjoy a lot more focus. I am more productive in what I do, either at work or at home. Now I need to get back into a exercise routine, early mornings and the commute. It feels like I haven’t had much routine commuting over the past 10 months. But as a

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Sunday Column (251)

Before I have some thoughts on the New Year, let me have another quick look back at the past week as I found things, mainly the weather, a bit fascinating yet crazy. We had a few storms, a few travel disruptions and flooding in this country. We then had the most beautiful day for a walk, cold and sunny, on Boxing Day when the whole family went for a walk at Wakehurst Place, National Trust. Then more rain, travel disruptions, floods. Luckily we stayed put yet both my MIL and my parents had to travel and luckily got safely to their destinations. I enjoyed Christmas. Not many presents for me really, yet the biggest one of all: Love and Happiness in my childrens’ eyes opening their presents. And then lots of play time with my dad and kids: hot wheels are actually quite cool 🙂 We had a fantastic time as a family, an enjoyable Christmas, too much food and too much booze yet a good time. And, as they say, that is all what matters in our age, Christmas is for the kids. This is so true: Colin was amazed how Santa got all the presents inside the house

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Sunday Column (245)

This week has been somewhat sentimental. There are few reasons for it. It is hard to describe a man’s feeling needing to go to the train, running late in your own mind, starting to stress when upstairs you hear a “daddy” call. And just this split second to run up the stairs and giving your four year old a hug and a kiss because he hasn’t seen you for two days, makes your day. It makes you run for your train. It makes you sad too. One likes to be with the little ones all the time yet they need to understand that daddy works. They need to understand, and will understand. However, give them a few more years and they couldn’t care less whether you are at home or not. I really enjoy being a dad. At the weekend we made Pizzateig, mum cooked with them some roast chicken, we went swimming and had lots of fun at bath time and we read lots of bed time stories. I guess my priorities are changing for the better. The clear cut between being in the moment with the kids, and the moment working or doing something else. We are getting

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