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Sunday Column (455)

Autumn has arrived. A cold, rainy and windy Sunday last week, building rafts, then a hot bath for the boys and a nice warm fire for all of us, cosy. The natural things, the things we have always known, like fire and blankets, provide shelter and comfort on days like that. We cleared away our garden furniture, cleaning the BBQ and prepare for winter. It isn’t quite there yet, but it won’t be long. Comfort. With hurricanes sweeping over the Caribbean and the US, we can consider ourselves lucky. Yet, the signs this might be global warming can no longer be ignored. Raising sea levels and different sea temperatures make nature more powerful. This is scary as this is only the beginning and seems far away. That might and will change. And I have been saying that since I joined a local environmental group in my early teens. And what have we, as human kind, done to prevent it? 9-11. It happened 16 years ago, just when I arrived in the UK. We seek comfort, we never forget. An event that changed the world and influences our generation as much as the wars have influenced our parent’s generation. Troubled times.

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Sunday Column (236)

To say this week passed quickly is an understatement. In summary I probably spend a full working week in conference and exhibition rooms, moderated sessions, sold our product and made new connections. And the worse thing of all: I enjoyed it all, met new people and had fun. Yet the weekend couldn’t have come early enough. It all kick started with a trip to Berlin early Saturday last week. I spent a great day catching up with a school friend before heading to the first conference venue, in Berlin Admonsters put on the European Publisher Forum for which I chaired the content for. A successful, well received conference, highlighting the challenges of publishers in today’s programmatic world. On Tuesday next week I publish my personal summary of the event. It is interesting to see the differences in data utilisation and sales tactics by publisher by European country. Late Monday I took a (delayed) flight back to Gatwick to attend the legendary ATS (ad trading summit) in London, put on by Exchangewire for the 4th year running. It was good to catch up with some familiar industry profiles and chew the fat. Nothing new seems to be happening content wise, yet

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Sunday Column (81)

81 weeks ago I started my Sunday Column. Ideas, thoughts and general blurb from Volker Ballueder about all sort of things. It developed a bit into a “only column” as I got too busy keeping up to write a daily or bi-weekly post. Anyway, yesterday was 9/11. Now, as for many people, it is like it was yesterday that I heard about it. Sitting in a friends old Peugeot, he gave me a lift back from my pre-university maths course in Aberdeen, both of us entering the 3rd year, when the music in the radio stopped with the breaking news. I had been in the UK for less than a month. It was raining, cold and grey. And 9-11 had just happened. If you followed some of the news over the last few weeks, then you wonder. You wonder why a pastor in Florida wants to burn the Koran. Why would he? If he is a man of faith, as his title suggests, then he should be able to forgive. He should be able to foresee the consequences his action might have. Was it all a media stunt? If I say forgive, then I don’t mean “to not care” but

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