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Sunday Column (244)

It’s another crazy week. It is another journey home after a good Rotary meeting. Trains are messed up due to signalling failure and a person hit by a train. Wonderful, nothing ever goes smoothly? My week started with a temperature. Shaking, sweating 24 hour flu, and dragging myself into the office, ploughing through a lot of work. It is amazing how the body heals itself and repairs itself, just give it a bit of help and sleep. However, Thursday morning my body rebelled. I had to call in sick, some stomach bug made my life hell 🙁 But by today I am a lot better. At work the fun part of building a team has began, we are recruiting for sales managers, so be in touch if you are looking. Exciting times ahead! I read a good Buddhist quote this week: You really have to know your own fundamental mind before you can stop and rest. If you know your mind and arrive at the fundamental, that is like space merging with space. Ta-tu Whilst this is not my Buddhist column, and it might not continue it next year, I still like to share some thoughts on the above. The

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