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Buddhist Thought – Anger again

Anger again. This time the quote says that if you hang on to anger, being angry at someone else, is like drinking poison and expect someone else to die. Do you get it. Anger is poison. If you have anger, don’t expect it to kill someone else. It will most certainly kill you. Stay positive. Stay happy! Volker

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Buddhist Thought: Anger

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Buddha I love this quote although I often ignore it. When you are in anger, and you express it towards someone, it is usually you that gets angry and wound up. Buddha speaks wisely comparing anger with a piece of hot coal. You throw it at someone and whilst doing so, you burn your hands. The better way is to let the coal cool down, pick it up and it falls to dust. Have a wonderful day, Buddha bless, Volker

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Buddhist Thoughts – Incoming

A man was rowing his boat upstream on a very misty morning. Suddenly, he saw another boat coming downstream, not trying to avoid him. It was coming straight at him. He shouted, “Be careful! Be careful!” but the boat came right into him, and his boat was almost sunk. The man became very angry, and began to shout at the other person, to give him a piece of his mind. But when he looked closely, he saw that there was no one in the other boat. It turned out that the boat just got loose and went downstream. All his angel vanished, and he laughed and he laughed. – Thich Nhat Nanh, “Being Peace” Isn’t that a funny story? I think it is fantastic. How often, if you take a few minutes to think about it, are you just waiting for someone to come towards you. And you let them hit you, so you can be angry at them. Think about it. I often happen to think that if someone squeezes in the seat next to me on the train and sits half on my lap. Or someone pushing you aside in the tube. Aren’t we all waiting for these

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