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Sunday Column (106)

Last week passed very quick, once again. Not only work but the short nights with the boys are taking there toll. It seems as if things happen in delirium, a kind of surreal feeling if that makes sense. The highlight clearly was my trip to Iceland to a conference: Rimc. A detailed conference blog post to follow. I have known my friend Kristjan from Iceland for some time and was glad to be invited to speak at his conference. Due to Rohan only being 4 weeks, I thought I had to fly back just after the conference, hence missed out on an amazing (so I heard) trip around Iceland. Hopefully next time. My wife always wanted to travel to two countries for her whole life: Egypt and Iceland. In 2006 I went to Egypt and only the night before I left she mentioned that “I would see the pyramids before she does”. And, yes, I totally forgot. When I travel for work, I focus on the job I have to do rather than things that need to be done outside the working environment. Hence this time, after I once travelled to the South of France in December without shorts, I

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Sunday Column (50)

Ok folks, first things first. The big question this week was whether, and if so, which car to get. And the winner is: I feel like I am getting all family. Married, house, child, now a VOLVO 🙂 Neither my dad nor me, and he is the biggest Volvo fan in the world, would have ever thought I ever drove one. But here we go, family does change you….for the better of course. What else happened this week (as if the above wasn’t enough)? Monday I went back to the gym. I continued to do that every day, but Wednesday I was too knackered from the day before, and Friday my knee hurt too much. I overdid it on the cycling machine ;-( I know, laugh at me, but any circular movement to my knee seems to hurt the ligaments. I need to check with my physio massage therapist next week. Tuesday and Wednesday just passed by. I didn’t do much this week after work, just had good meetings, one of which lasted 10 minutes, and I believe that we are making progress. Slower than expected but quicker than anticipated – if that makes any sense. Thursday I started the

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