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Sunday Column (325)

Hello there. Another mad week. In a good sense though! The weather wasn’t great on the days I was off, but it was nice on the days I was busy. Not fair, but the usual scenario. Monday was a bank holiday, yet it seems like it was flying past. We finally managed to put our tent up we bought a while ago and decided a ground sheet would be a good idea. That was last weekend. We are now all set to go camping. With the kids having been off for half term and me having had two major work engagement, one on Tuesday in London and one on Wednesday in Eindhoven, it was nonstop on the two days I was working this week. Essentially I flew to Eindhoven on Wednesday morning and came back late at night. Thursday and Friday I was off work but had to keep an eye on a couple of things. On Thursday night we managed to sleep in the tent too. As always we didn’t sleep right and were tired, and thanks to the aforementioned bad weather, we were just hanging around on Friday, lighting the wood fire at 11 am and got all

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Sunday Column (48)

Sunday. Hurray. What a week, I don’t really know where to start. I am very excited about a few things. One is my job which I really enjoy. And, I am not only saying that. I am convinced we currently have one of the best display media optimisation offerings out there to utilise ad exchanges. People are responding very well to it, so I am very happy with my choice of job. Anyhow, besides that I am very excited about my son Colin who started saying DADA and I am now sure he means me 🙂 However, he was quite sick this week, including a big accident on Friday night after which we had to dispose some cushions 🙁 The joy of having a baby I suppose. My wife didn’t feel well either but so far I have been ok. Then I am excited about my new regime – I have been up every morning at 5:45 am to go swimming and to go to the gym. Hopefully I keep doing that for the next while. My knee still hurts but with Ibuprofen and hopefully slow progression I am confident it will only be temporary. Fingers crossed. And then I

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