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Sunday Column (86)

Rainy weekend…just right for some relaxation. This week passed very quickly with much excitement. My MIL was down to visit and I hardly saw her. Whilst I tried to make any effort to come home early, it wasn’t really home until half 8 most nights. However, she is back for Christmas, and I will have plenty of time then (I hope). I travelled a lot with work this week, mainly within an hour from London but still. It was good to get out. And we met some great clients. Our cat Hansel got ill this week with an abscess which later bursts – that wasn’t really nice. He seems to get better but hates his antibiotics. Ach well, I am confident he will be ok again. Colin seems to sleep longer in the mornings with two mornings already not getting up until half 7. Bless. He seems to look more and more like me. I think it is because he doesn’t look in the camera, as he has the beautiful eyes of his mum. However, it is like looking at a younger me. Scary to think what Freud would make out of that. He is fantastic though, great fun to

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