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RTB and Branding

Hi all, I just published another article, this time on RTB and Branding over at Econsultancy. I summarise it to “RTB could make a lot of sense for “window shopping” and URL centred branding buys but I believe it adds more value for brands focusing on targeting its audience. RTB delivers cost-effective brand awareness to consumers through various targeting options and channels such as display and video.” However, having seen another presentation and first results on some technology measuring the brand impact of display, I think there is more to come soon. I keep you posted.

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Vodafone – bad customer service and pushy sales tactics

Hello, Now, let me have an official go at Vodafone. As, in my eyes, best provider of mobile services due to its reception in all areas of the UK, including the Scottish Highlands, I find Vodafone quite bad in regards to customer service and sales tactics. Customer Service first: My wife was due for an upgrade. When asking the person on the phone, she suggested to get 50 minutes and 50 text more for the same price. So, I was put on the account and started negotiating. Unfortunately, it has not been the first time that happens. Because I had to do that with my contract as well. The trick is that you tell them what T-Mobile offers. Then they say that they cannot offer that to existing but to new customers only. That is the first problem – why treat customers that have been with you for 18 months worse than some that just want to become your clients? That is the old sales tactic to hook the client. Once the client signs up, Vodafone does not seem to be interested anymore. My negotiation tactic goes on: “If you cannot offer me a better deal I have to go

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