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Sunday Column (237)

A lucky commuter week is behind me. I got a seat two days in a row and yet was away for two days this week. I sometimes think I am crazy to commute an hour into London, then another 30 minutes within London, to reach my place of work. I suppose it doesn’t bother me because I use the time on the train to read, catch up on videos and TV shows or write this blog. If I didn’t, I couldn’t do that daily commute. And this week I finished reading a book, caught up on TV and wrote the blog. Productivity! What still beats me is that train companies charge a horrendous amount for my travel without giving me value for money. Using the only peak hour service from Hassocks to London Bridge this train is “standing only” unless you are lucky like I was this week. Crazy. I keep telling them and hope it changes eventually, yet the way it looks my company might have an office over in the West End of London, meaning I can use many of the Victoria line trains, before anything changes on the London Bridge services. Or maybe Farringdon…. So I continue

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Sunday Column (88)

This week I might as well start with the most annoying bit: our kitchen floor. I think we mentioned before that we had to re-grout the tiles that were put in. Whilst the chap has been very apologetic, and very nice and said he would rectify it….it came out now that the floor, the plywood he put down, moved. Hence the grout got cracks. So on Saturday he came back. We got the fridge out, the washing machine, some cutlery, the take away menus and got him to totally re-lay the tiles in the kitchen. Fingers crossed this will be done properly. I told him that I am very unhappy but ok to give him a chance to rectify it. Free of charge of course. I keep you posted (hopefully the saga won’t continue though). Work is going well. We had our 2nd member of staff starting this week, e.g. having 3 people in the mexad London office now. We also keep interviewing and hopefully are able to recruit a further team member soon. All is going well and things are great. I keep enjoying it, and not only say that because my boss is reading it, lol. On Thursday

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