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Sunday Column (89)

It has been a week of ups and mostly downs. The week started with great progress at work and fantastic, promising meetings. However, the magic day was Wednesday. Wednesday, 10th of November 2010. I went to the doctors re my hips and knees and was “discharged” – no more problems or physical “disabilities”, e.g. shortness of one leg. So no more insoles, the doctor ok’d it. So it was a great start in the day, and it was sunny too. What could have changed that day. When I left the office just before 8 pm and went for a quick drink with my two colleagues I didn’t think anything would happen. But, between 21.15 and 21.45 someone managed to steal my laptop rucksack next to the chair I was sitting at. None of my colleagues or I noticed. And it was a heavy bag. What I don’t understand: I touched the bag with my foot every 2 minutes or so to make sure it was still there, the pub wasn’t busy and hence I didn’t think to remove my portable hard drive and put it in my jacket. Hence at 21.45 I was stone sober again (after 2 glasses of

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Sunday Column (81)

This week was busy. My mother in law stayed her third week and her boyfriend came as well. Her staying helped us a lot and we were glad she was here. However, I am also glad to have our house back to ourselves. We got our kitchen floor done this week too. This added to more stress, but luckily (or unluckily) I have been away with work a lot. I went to Leeds on Monday, not returning until very late, and also attended some webinars in the US which means long and late hours in front of this lovely laptop. Dreams: I want an HTC Desire Z. It is an Android powered super machine with a physical keyboard. Just a bit on the expensive side still but we shall see how prices will come down towards Christmas. I had several blasts from the past this week. Facebook made it happen for me to connect with my host sisters in the US who I haven’t seen since 1993. Also another friend from the US I haven’t seen since either, and it makes me wonder how modern technology helps you so much to share your life. But is it what you want?

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Sunday Column (75)

What could be a better start in the week. A 12 week scan of our “new” baby and the news that everything is ok. Happy days, and we were over the moon. Unfortunately, this didn’t last too long, as my wife noticed some discomfort as of Monday night. We went to A&E, spoke to the ante-natal department, ended up in A&E on Wednesday again until 3 am, spoke to a specialist on Thursday morning, and the news is better than we anticipated: there will most probably be no risk for the baby and everything should be ok, however my wife won’t be able to lift heavy objects, will need a lot of rest and might get more discomfort over the forthcoming month. Finger’s crossed. On this note I want to say thank you to our neighbours who not only drove my wife to A&E, helped looking after Colin but also gave us lots of support and help during these hours. This is great to have such wonderful neighbours! We started making preparations now to make my wife’s life easier. Colin starts learning to go up and down the stairs himself, crawling into bed and his pram. He is growing and

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