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Sunday Column (460)

I don’t even want to start with….Monday again 😉 I love sitting on the Monday morning train. I did my 7.5K run this morning and had a mixed weekend. A stomach bug and feeling quite run down. Not as relaxing as I hoped. However, there is a silver lining: my MIL was visiting this week and helped us with the kids. The other silver lining is that there is no travel planned for a while – at least not for work and not on a plane. Isn’t that nice? Even though coming to the end of the year with no more flights, I would on average (!) have done a trip every other week over the year. What I get in return is experience. And the nice thing about experience: it will help you connect the dots moving forward. As Steve Jobs says, in times of uncertainty and unrest, when you don’t know what happens in the future and how the dots will be connected, you need to trust your gut. You need to trust your heart, your inner self and that things will work out and the dots connect moving forward. And they always will. Believe! I took a

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Sunday Column (439)

Hello friends. I noticed that, if I am awake early on Mondays, that this is good writing time. So I am on another flight. Just about 16 hours after I disembarked my last. Yet the last one was for fun. My wife took me to Edinburgh for the weekend. It was amazing. Not only did you not have to worry about the kids but could do all the grown up things kids are not interested in. Culture, sight seeing, castles and whisky tastings. Plus, my wife took me to a restaurant, allegedly the best one in Scotland, the Witchery, where I ate the best steak I ever had in my life (and I had a lot), and I discovered the most interesting and tasting Italian blue cheese I ever had too. What a great weekend. Thank you again. Later in the week I got a belated birthday present. Two actually. One was the picture of a Buddha my youngest drew. I love it. I even got two copies, one for each office. How sweet is that? The other a book of pictures and quotes collected by my wife from my closest friends. It was very emotional to read the impact

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Sunday Column (347)

What a relaxing week lies behind me, or does it? It was half term and I was off from Friday until Friday, e.g. back to work on a Friday. Why wouldn’t you? The main reason for that was that I am off on a business trip Monday and wanted to catch up on things prior to that. Plus a biggish presentation that day too. From Thursday of course, to make sure I am on top of things and hit a few deadlines, I was catching up already…life doesn’t stop. I guess that is a good thing, or is it? My parents were over to visit over the first weekend of half term. It was nice to catch up and do things together as a family. My kids really enjoyed having the grandparents over! So did we. Looking back at what happened in my childhood, looking forward to what might come for us in life moving forward. And, life is far from over of course! But it helps to look back and take stock every now and then. It still is difficult to understand life as a whole and the journey we are on. A song that stroke a chord with

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