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Thursday Flash (9)

I got asked the last week why I don’t share all of those articles on Twitter. Good question. The reason, however, seems straight forward. Whilst I overheard some older people discussing on the train, whether to join Twitter, I have been using Twitter for 9 years or so. If I am not mistaken I joined in 2008. But since the engagement rate has gone down. So has the engagement rate on Facebook. For reach, I still use Twitter and for important things, I use Facebook as people are still reading it (yet less so I find). Hence the Thursday Flash got a place in my weekly blog to just collect what I find read worthy. And then I still share it via social media.

If you are enjoying it, please share it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or where ever else you like to share it!

Thanks. Here we go with the Thursday Flash!

I am a big Tim Ferriss fan (4 hour work week, 4 hour body week, amazing podcasts!), and this article about Deloading is worth a read. A must read in my opinion. If you like it, please visit his website and look for more of his stuff.

Deloading is about having some time to just do things without purpose, to think, brainstorm, enjoy and chill. Loving the idea and coining that phrase.

The next one is an article you might have seen before, about work life balance, trust in employees and working from home. It is a great summary of how our work place culture is changing and how to structure and create a great work place! Did I mention that I work for a company that has been voted ‘Best company to work for’?

Last but not least, most people in the industry think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being a fad. Let me tell you, it is not. We are just scratching the surface of applying AI to our lives. This article in Exchangewire about Deep Learning hit the spot with me. Ciaran, the founder of Exchangewire, and I are going back a while. I wrote about Deep Learning myself in this article about AI on Linkedin.

Great, that’s it for this week. Enjoy yourselves and see you next week.


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Thursday Flash (2)

Happy Thursday!

My first article is about something different: Earwax. Maybe not the most interesting topic to talk about, if you talk about those topics at all; yet the interesting bit is that we all have it, and a lot of us are using those cotton buds to clean our ears, actually doing ourselves more harm than good. And since I am very interested in any topic and any learning, I thought I share the importance of earwax with you.

Then, after my article on Artificial Intelligence, I saw more of those articles around. This one in particularly on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence is worth a read. If you keep your eyes peeled you find more and more articles. And as some of my commentaries state, the topic isn’t new but I believe the application of AI becomes more diverse and you see more of it in our every day life. That is fascinating.

Another article I enjoyed reading was about AR (Augmented Reality). Whether that is Pokemon Go or more advanced applications, we will see more of that happening. I am actually due to meet with a start up that is looking into advertising applications around AR that go beyond what we have seen so far. Definitely an area to watch!

In my opinion, the rise of AI in every day life and AR will be the key developments in 2017.

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